Protest Arise Against Mandatory Religion Column In SSC Forms


The religion column in SSC forms has been made mandatory to be filled and this has changed the whole scenario. Many people are unhappy and angry with this action of authorities and are protesting against the same. SSC has made a religion column in the SSC forms and it is mandatory to fill for appearing in the SSC Exams 2018. Many questions are raised because of this action. Nobody seems to be happy after hearing this news. People have raised their voice against the requirement of filling religion column and this type of requirement is only with SSC forms, no others forms are having this mandatory column. This is the cause of mortification in people.


What Indian Constitution Says About This

The Constitution discloses that it is a person’s circumspection if they want to choose or opt for a religion or not and the choice is not supposed to to be limited to given number only. This freedom is surpassed in the SSC Forms.
The authorities force them to choose from a given set of religions. The authorities said that if parents will not choose any religion, then they shall lose their complete academic year and this has forced the parents to raise their voice and protest against this.


Why Parents Are Protesting

Parents are angry with this action and these type of rules & regulations of SSC. They are feeling humiliated and forced to do so. The choice of religion in the SSC form ranges from Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhist, Muslim etc. But what if they are not following any religion. This is such a big question and the parents are feeling disrespected due to this behavior of authorities.

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