Access Mars: A virtual walk to Mars


Mars-The Red Planet

Mars is a part of our solar system and is the fourth planet of the system. After mercury, it is the second smallest planet in our solar system. Mars is also known as Red Planet because of the presence of iron oxide in abundance. A lot of people have visited this planet. But it requires a lot of preparations and precautions as well.  What about a virtual walk to Mars?

This is something new to all of us and everyone can get excited after reading this. Virtual walk to Mars…Virtual walk to Red Planet….Yeah, you read it right, Google had made it possible. Now you can visit Red Planet virtually.

Access Mars

Access Mars is an initiative that is taken by Google which will help you to take a walk on the terrains of Mars. In a joint collaboration of NASA and Google, Access Mars is started through which user can go through the actual dunes and valleys present on Red Planet. NASA has already explored these valleys and dunes on Mars and that is why is helping Google in Acces Mars Initiation.

WebVR is one of the options through which you can take a tour to Mars- The Red Planet. WebVR is a technology that will make you able to see the virtual reality through your browser. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s OnSight software is the body who adapted these experience. With their help, scientists can assist in planning drives of rovers and also people can have their meeting on Mars.

Project Lead of JPL, Mr. Luo said that “With Access Mars, everyone in the world can ride along”.

A software known by the name of OnSight helps in getting the experience adopted. This software helps scientists to check their surroundings while planning the route of their journey.

If you have an internet connection then Access Mars can help you in taking a tour of Mars sharing the things scientists had experienced so far about Red Planet.

So what are you guys waiting for? Just take a WebVR and then use Access Mars on your smartphones and go for a virtual tour of Mars- The Red Planet…




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