A lot more than just Monsoon this time..


Monsoon has a significant impact on India and its surrounding bodies of water. It typically originates from the northeast during the cooler months and then changes direction, blowing from the southwest during the warmest months. This reversal of winds brings substantial rainfall to the region, particularly during June and July.

But as an old proverb, excess of anything is wrong. This year hefty rainfall disrupted several parts of north India on Sunday, 9th July. It begins with a feeling of bliss after hot summer waves but it soon turned into a nightmare when the rivers, dams, and every tiniest water body started overflowing and causing water logging. On the plains, it disturbed everyday life and Himachal Pradesh is the worst-hit state of all. Residents faced floods & landslides in many parts of the state. Water swept away the homes & properties of the residents, and completely broke down some. Thus created havoc in the state. In some areas, rescue personnel used rubber rafts to rescue people stranded inside their homes.

Video Credit: The Guardian

Various areas of the national capital experienced waterlogging, resulting in traffic congestion. The city received an exceptional amount of rainfall, measuring 153 mm within a span of 24 hours. This is the highest recorded rainfall in a single day during the month of July since 1982. Unfortunately, the intense rain caused casualties and loss of life. The education department declared holidays for schools and colleges. Certain states are on high alert as the water has already crossed the max water level in dams & reservoirs and getting released by the authorities.

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