Phrases that Men Use Only When they are in Love!


Falling in Love is the best feeling ever. You start living a life for someone and that someone means the world to you. When a man truly loves you he would always show certain behavior. Being protective of you, paying great heed to you and so on…All this reflects in his behavior. So, here we are sharing a few phrases that a man will use only if he loves you!


 #I Noticed You

A man who loves you will notice even the minute details about you. They know each detail about your appearance and your behavior. A slight change in your mood and there they will catch you.


#I can help you

Such men will be readily available to help you. They are always there for you when you need them. They will never let you feel alone.

#That things remind me of you


These words show how much he thinks about you. You are always running on in his mind and heart as well.

#How was your Day?

A true lover will always be interested in you. He would always be eager to know how your day actually was. He wants to be a part of your day and he would always cheer you up whenever you feel low.

#You look great

He will always compliment you doesn’t matter how you look. Even if you look bad on certain days, you will always be beautiful for him cause he is in love with your real beauty.


#I’ll be there for you

He will say it and he really means it!

#I Miss You

If a man says this, he is exposing his weakest feelings in front of you. No matter how much time you both spend together, he’ll start missing you the moment you leave.


#I was talking to Mom

If his Mom knows about you then this is the biggest gesture to show you his love. It shows he really wishes to be with you.

#Calls You from a Nickname

He loves calling you from the special name that he has given you.






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