Things you can relate to only if you belong to a middle class family…


    You all must be aware of the saying “Nobody was born poor or chooses to be one of them”. This is a true saying. There are some points that a middle-class kid can easily relate to themselves. But before moving on to those points we want to clarify that no-one has given the opportunity to choose his/her lifestyle. We all are born with equal rights and without any distinction.

    But still, a little difference is created in the style of living. A kid who belongs to a rich family asks for the moon and a kid who was born in a middle-class struggle for even completing the necessity. Let us tell you a definition of a rich man. A rich man is nothing but just a poor man with some extra amount of money. Now let’s check some of the points that you can only relate if you are born and brought up in a middle-class family.

    Re-using the gift wraps

    things only middle class kids can understand

    If you are a part of the middle-class family then you must get the advice to tear the gift wrapping from the gift you received in a way that they can be re-used.

    Using the toothbrush until it becomes a sunflower

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    Are you a person who belongs to a middle-class family? If yes, then you must remember using a toothpaste tube until it feels that a roller has run over it. Also, you must have used your toothbrush until it becomes a flower.

    You have to hear the prices of vegetable if you left your food

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    Have you heard a dialogue of your mom saying “Tujhe Pata Hai Ye Sabzi Kitne Mehngi Hai” or” Paise Ped Par Nahi Ugte”? In childhood, almost everyone leaves their food but they are equally scared of such dialogues which tell the rate list of all the vegetable that are cooked in their kitchen.

    Strict rules while sitting in a new car

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    Everyone creates rules for the things that are part of their house. Everyone has to follow these rules and especially kids. Some of the rules become laws for the small kids. Kids are given a warning about tearing the seat covers.

    Eating snacks as soon as guests leave the house

    things only middle class kids can understand

    Snacks are not common things for the kids of the middle-class family. But as soon as the guests leave, kids wipe out all the snacks from the plate. It may sound weird but it is true. You must have done that…Right?

    Adding water in a shampoo bottle

    things only middle class kids can understand

    Have you also did that? Adding water to shampoo bottle when it is about to finish to make sure that each and every drop of shampoo come out. This is also a thing that is common in middle-class families.

    Comparison with Sharma Ji ka Beta

    Image result for images of sharma ji ka beta

    Middle-class kids are dedicated to studies. There are two reasons for that. The first reason is to fulfill the dreams of their parents and to earn money and the second one is the comparison with Sharma Ji ka beta.

    We know there are many other things that are related to the life of a kid who belongs to a middle-class family. You can tell us your points, we will add them to this list.

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