10 Adorable Clicks Every Bride Must Capture With Her Girl-Squad!



Getting Married? Make sure a million memories and hundreds of clicks that you will cherish forever. Your big day is always incomplete without your gang of girls. From the crazy ones to a bit on the funnier side, here are 10 shots that you must capture with your bridesmaids.

 Team Bride!

A cute tag that reads, ‘Team Bride’ and all your divas pointing at it. Cute, Right?

Glamming it up!

Call your Glam squad together and a picture just like this. Isn’t this lovely?


 Leggy Lass

Show off those sexy legs, your stunning footwear and slay it with style. *Wink*

Nap Time

Now, this is altogether different! Sleeping or just posing for a picture. Looks super cute either ways.

Shout out Loud!

Aww…this looks just perfect, with all your ladies cheering out loud around the bride.


The getting ready click!

The click that calls for a ‘Thank You’ to all your girlies. No matter how many professionals you hire, you can’t look the best sans their help!


Dabangg Girls!

Put on those Glares and get clicking!



Get kissing girls! A cute big pout or just blowing kisses to the Bride-to-be. A shot like this is much-needed.


Petal Shower

Well, all your clicking is just incomplete without this one. Showering the flower petals on the bride-to-be is a must capture.


Pick her Up!

Aww…who won’t like getting clicked while your girlies pick you up? Picture perfect!







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