Panic Buttons To Be Introduced In CTU Buses By April 2018



The Government of India has directed the UT Authorities to get the panic button installed in all the buses of Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU). The deadline for the installation being April 1, 2018, CTU has already started working on the instructions. The step has been taken by the Supreme Court to ensure the safety of the passengers. All the states and UTs are asked to implement the instructions of the Supreme Court by The Ministry of Road Transport.


The step has been initiated to protect the women against crimes, especially after the horrific gang-rape case of Nirbhaya, on a moving bus in Delhi. Owing to such offenses, the ministry of the road transport has directed all the passenger transport vehicles to get the GPS device and a panic button installed by April 1 this year.


April 1 is the Deadline

Amit Talwar- The Director of CTU stated that they are following the directions given by the government. All the buses of the Chandigarh Transport Undertakings will have the GPS and panic button installed before the fixed deadline.

He also told that GPS devices have already been installed in over 75 percent of the buses and the remaining would be covered within the next 2 months.


A move towards Passengers’ Safety 


The CTU has a flotilla of around 600 buses, running on local as well as inter-state routes. The panic button that is being installed on the buses would be connected with the police control room and the control room of CTU. Both the Transport Department and the police control room would get alerted for quick action as soon as any passenger presses the Panic Button. The GPS device installed on the buses will provide the bus location and the registration number will be conveyed to the Police Control Room automatically. As soon as the passenger presses the panic button the nearest PCR would reach the spot immediately.







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