Panchkula Theaters To Ban The Screening Of “Padmaavat” | Protest By The Rajput Manch



A protest was held by the Rajput Virasat Jagriti Manch against the screening of the film “Padmaavat” in Panchkula despite the imposition of Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Panchkula had ordered that there shall not be any assembling of five or more persons in any area under the Panchkula Commissionerate. The carrying of weapons of offense like swords, axes, and sticks was also prohibited from January 23 to February 7. The members of the Rajput manch had decided to meet all the cinema owners and ask them not to show the movie. All the Rajputs of the town were asked to gather near sector 5 bus stand by the Rajput manch.

All the members who reached the sector 5 bus stand were stopped by the SHO of Sector 5 police station and they were asked to meet the ACP first. According to Bhoom Singh Rana, the national president of the Rajput Manch, BJP has played a dubious role in the ongoing scuffle about the release of the Movie.

The Rajput Manch has claimed that if any unexpected incident happens over the release of the Padmaavat Movie, the government shall be held responsible for it as being their government in 16 states, BJP has banned the film only in 4 states.

Theatres in Panchkula not to show the film


No theatre in the Panchkula district is showing the movie “Padmaavat”. The state government also decided to ban the film in the region owing to the protests that started simmering. The owners of the theatres have also decided not to screen the movie to avoid getting into any troubles and face the wrath of the Rajput Community. There was a poster placed outside the ticket window of the Rajhans multiplex on wednesday which stated that the theatre is not showing the “Padmaavat”.

Security placed outside malls in Chandigarh!

The Chandigarh Police have reinforced the security outside all the malls where “Padmaavat” will be screened. According to the officials, the police security will be placed in all the malls to avoid any mishappening. The security is deployed outside¬†Elante Mall, Centra Mall, City Centre, IT Park, and Fun Republic.


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