Enjoy The Cool Breeze At These Places In Chandigarh


Chandigarh is a well-planned city. The living style of the people living here makes it a lot more special city. The city is known for its cleanliness and beauty. The city is full of beautiful parks and gardens and this plenty of parks adds to the beauty of the city beautiful. The parks and gardens are a great place to feel fresh air and recreation. Let us explore all the parks and gardens of the city.

Rose Garden

Spread over 30 acres of land Rose Garden is a must visit for all the nature lovers. Nestled in sector 16, the garden houses around 1600 different species of beautiful Roses. This beautiful park makes a perfect place for morning and evening walks and to spend your leisure time with family.

Location: Track, 16B, Sector 16, Chandigarh,

Famous For:1600 species of roses

Opening Time: 24 Hours open

Entry Fee: No charges


Terrace Garden

Located in sector 33, the tranquil terraced garden is a pleasing garden showcasing hundreds of varieties of alluring flowers. The garden is a must visit for all the beauty seekers. The garden also houses a musical fountain. People can enjoy the cool morning and evening breeze while walking in the garden area. Various seasonal flower festivals are held here.

Location: Sector 33 B, Chandigarh

Famous For: Hundreds of different varieties of Flowers

Opening Time: 24 Hours Open

Entry Fee: No Charges



Japanese Garden

Japnese Garden is a Japnese themed park located in sector 31 of Chandigarh. Spread across 13 acres of land this theme park was built by Indian Government in the year 2014. The park showcases Japnese art and culture and various types of plants. The major attractions of the park include zen garden, statues of Budha, pagoda tower, meditation hut, a small pond with pretend crocodiles, a bridge over the pond and much more.

Location: Sector 31 A, Chandigarh

Famous For: Based on Japanese aesthetic and philosophical ideas

Opening Time: 4:30 AM – 11 PM

Entry Fee: No Charges


Leisure Valley

Leisure valley is a mesmerizing valley located just opposite to Rose Garden. Leisure valley acts just like a garland of gardens.This is the only valley in India to set up different themed gardens. The beautiful valley is open for public day night, to enjoy the alluring landscape in the presence of Sun as well as Moon.

Location: Sector 10  Chandigarh

Famous For: A Big Garland of gardens

Opening Time: 24 hours open

Entry Fee: Nil

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is a landscaped park and conservatory. The garden is full of trees shrubs and pretty flowers making a habitat for around 35 different species of butterflies. Red, yellow, green, blue, black, one can get to see delightful butterflies here.

Location: Sector 26, Chandigarh

Famous For: 35 species of Butterflies

Opening Time: 9 AM- 5 PM

Entry Fee: No Charges

Rock Garden

Rock Garden Located at sector 1 of the city is the best tourist spot in Chandigarh. Made with urban and industrial waste, has been designed as the open here exhibition hall. Visiting Rock Garden one can experience the beautiful art sculptures made out from waste. The garden is divided into 3 sections.

Location: Uttar Marg, Sector 1, Chandigarh 160010, India

Famous For: Art Sculptures made out of Industrial Waste

Opening Time:  9:00 AM – 7:00 PM (April- September),  9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (October- March)

Entry Fee: Rs. 20 for Adults, Rs. 10 for Children

Garden of Fragrance

Located at sector 36 is the Garden of Fragrance. As the name suggests, the garden is quite popular for its fragrant plants like  Mehndi, Haar Shingar, Raat ki Rani, Champa, damask rose, Motia, and varieties of jasmine. The park also houses some various shops selling oils, scents and incense sticks. The visitors can visit here for a delightful walk.

Location: Fragrance Garden Rd, 36B, Sector 36, Chandigarh

Famous For: Fragrant Shrubs and Flowers & oil, scents, and Incense shops

Opening Time: 24 Hours open

Entry Fee: No Charges


Topiary Park

Made exclusively for Children, Topiary Park is the favorite amongst the little ones. Located in sector 35, the park features topiary animals, flower gardens, numerous benches and excellent playing facilities.

Location: Sub. City Center, 35A, Sector 35, Chandigarh

Famous For: Landscaped parking featuring topiary animals and flower gardens

Opening Time: 4 AM- 12 AM

Entry Fee: No Charges


Smriti Upvan

Smriti Upvan is a peaceful garden located near Capital complex. The Garden is full of big trees, and every tree here commemorates someone who is no more.

Location: Near Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden, Sector-1, Chandigarh

Famous For: Trees planted in the memory of departed souls

Opening Time: 8 AM – 8:30 PM

Entry Fee: No Charges

Hibiscus Garden

Spread over an area of approx 8 acres Hibiscus Garden was in sector 36 Chandigarh in the year 1974. The garden features around 40 varieties of Hibiscus plants. Special species of bamboo plant is also planted here, which keeps changing its color throughout the year.

Location: Hibiscus Garden Rd, 36A, Sector 36, Chandigarh

Famous For: 40 Varieties of Hibiscus

Opening Time: 5 Am- 10 PM

Entry Fee: No Charges

Bougainvillea Garden

The pink garden is studded with around 50 varieties of bougainvillea spread across 20 acres of land. The Bougainvillea Garden is a treat to the eyes of the admirers of natural beauty.

Location: Sector 3Chandigarh

Famous For: Over 50 Varieties of Bougainvillea

Opening Time: 24 Hours open

Entry Fee: No Charges

Shanti Kunj

Shanti Kunj is an urban green land offering a track for Jogging, which is located in sector 16. The park also houses various outdoor exercise equipments and swings for children.

Location: Sector 16, Chandigarh

Famous For: outdoor exercise equipment & swings in a serene setting

Opening Time: 24 Hours open

Entry Fee: No Charges

Rajendra Park

The beautiful park located at sector 1 Chandigarh has its landscape designed by Le Corbusier. One can visit the park for morning and evening walks. The greenery and fresh air around the park are sure to give your senses a refreshing feel.

Location: Sector 1 Chandigarh

Famous For: Oldest park of Chandigarh

Opening Time: 24 Hours Open

Entry Fee: No Charges







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