Places In Chandigarh To Munch Upon The Best Burgers In Town


When you are craving for a heavy and delicious snack, Burger is one of the best choices to munch upon. There are a number of restaurants in Chandigarh serving the best of Burgers. For you, and you only, here is a list of few outlets in Chandigarh where you can gorge on one of the best Burgers.

 Midnight Chef

Located in sector 35, Midnight cafe is a convenient option for late night munchers. The store offers a variety of kickass burgers making it a sorted after place in the town. You must visit here to enjoy yummilicious Burgers if you are a burger lover.

Address: SCO 329-332, Sector 35B, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 0172 6670962

Price: ₹700 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers: Spinach Cottage Cheese Burger, Paneer Corn Burger, Chicken Burger, Butter Chicken Burger.

Timings: 7 PM to 4 AM


Super Donuts

Super Donuts is a perfect place to pamper your tummy with a great burger treat. The place offers amazing burgers at very affordable prices.

Address: SCO 446, Sector 35 C, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 0172 5000559, 91 7355249088

Price: ₹450 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers:  Junior Jack (Veg), Black Bean Burger, JUnior Jack, Big Black Burger.

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM


McDonald’s an American Food Chain was the first to bring the concept of Burgers in India. Located in various places of Chandigarh, this food chain offers ultimate burgers at very economical prices.

Address: SCO 461 & 462, Sector 35 C, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 011 66000666

Price: ₹500 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers: Mc Aloo Tikki, Maharaja Mac, Chicken Mc Grill, Chicken Maharaja Mac

Timings: 7 AM to 11 PM



Chili’s located at Elante Mall, Chandigarh, is one of the best places to look for when it comes to burgers. Tough a little heavy on the pockets, Chili’s mouth-watering burgers will leave you exhausted once you finish it. The burgers served here are to die for.

Address: 312 B, 3rd Floor, Elante Mall, Phase 1, Chandigarh Industrial Area, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 0172 4568333, +91 8360301518

Price: ₹1,200 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers: Classic Bombay Burger, Veggie Southern Smokehouse Burger, Big Mouth Bites, Classic Bacon Burger

Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight


Burger Point

Popular for its best quality and amazing taste, Burger Point is a food joint located in sector 35 Chandigarh. Their menu offers a large variety of different burgers. Nominal on the pockets, this burger joint is the favorite spot for students.

Address: Booth 37, Sector 35C, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 01725008500

Price: ₹350 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers: Aloo Tikki Burger, American Veg Burger, Chicken Burger, Non – Veg American Burger

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM



Located in Sector 8 Chandigarh, KFC is an American food chain famous for its delicious chicken burgers. The food chain offers mainly Non-veg Burgers only. The Burgers served here are finger licking good.

Address: Madhya Marg, Sector 8 C, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 0172 3349361

Price: ₹500 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers: Chicken Snacker Burger, Chicken Zinger Burger, Potato Crisper, Paneer Zinger Burger.

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Hot Millions

Hot Millions in Chandigarh is popularly known for its all so amazing burgers and pizzas. Located at various places of Chandigarh, Hot Millions isself-servicee restaurant.

Address:SCO 196 & 197, Sector 17 C, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 0172 4602600, 0172 4602612

Price: ₹600 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers:  Bargain Burger, Jumbo Burger with Cheese, Non-Veg Bargain Burger, Non-Veg Jumbo Burger with Cheese

Timings: 11:30 AM to 11 PM


Brooklyn Central

Brooklyn Central is a cafe which is best known for its authentic American burgers. The place offers delicious burgers that are a must try.

Address: Shop No. 51A, Elante Mall, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 081466 56571

Price: ₹1200 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers: Moroccan Burger, Southwest Spicy Red Bean Burger, Smoked Chicken Cobb Burger, Jameson Lamb Burger

Timings: 11 AM – 11:30 PM

Burger King

Burger King is another famous food joint serving the best of burgers. They serve fries with burgers to compliment your meal. The Whopper Burger served here is a must try.

Address: SCO 355-356, Sector 35C, Chandigarh

Contact No.: 0172 3355800

Price: ₹500 for two people (approx.)

Special Burgers: Crispy Veg Burger, King Krunch Veg Burger, Crispy Chicken Burger, King Krunch Chicken Burger – Rs. 179

Timings: 10 AM to 11 PM



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