Things that make Chandigarh “Khaas”….


Chandigarh, also known as city beautiful is a city located on foothills of the Shivalik range. People of Chandigarh can make you feel warm and cozy by the hospitality they provide. People can love this place even on their first visit. People of Chandigarh are more lively about food, boozing, etc. Charming girls, Gabru jawan Munde, bikes, and bullets, Lamborghini or Mercedes, Churches or gurudwaras, parks or garden are the things that add up the briskness to city beautiful. Here are some special points about city beautiful. There are some reasons that make this city “Khaas”.

Clean, green, safe and well-planned city

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Le Corbusier was the French Architect who designed the city beautiful. In a very attractive way, he has divided the city into sectors and each sector connected through parks or roundabouts. It is the first planned city of India and is the greenest, cleanest and safe city in our country.

Sector 17

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Sector 17 is also known as Pedestrian’s Paradise.  This plaza contains big stores, restaurants, pubs, discos, clothing stores and many other things that attract people to visit sec 17. The things that make it special are shady trees, cool breeze open sky, etc.

Girls don’t leave their home without ‘Kineys’ and boys without their ‘Bullts’

Kineys and Bullts

The girls and boys of Chandigarh love their ‘Kineys’ and ‘Bullts’ and never prefer to leave the house without that. They find it their pride and sometimes they even provide them names.

Sukhna Lake, a companion no matter it’s love or despair

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Sukhna lake is always an inseparable part of city beautiful. It witnessed many love proposals, romantic feeling of people, long walks holding hands, and lots of people crying and throwing away their sorrows. It is one of the attractions of people of Chandigarh as well as people who came to visit the city beautiful.

Chandigarh de Dhabas

Tehel Singh's dhabba

People of Chandigarh are big foodies. There is a variation in food available here. Dhabas of Chandigarh are well known for the taste and colors. You will become foodie once you will visit the Dhabas here. Tehel Singh’s Dhaba in Sector 22 is a place with best taste and food. You should not miss that place.

Chandigarh people don’t wear swag but they are born with swag

Swag is something that is very common in Chandigarh’s people. They even don’t know the meaning of Swag but it is always a part of their lifestyle. They are born with swag.

Nightclubs, parties, dinner are daily routine of Chandigarh’s people

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At evening, people here think about the party? Do they need to go to a Pub, a Nightclub, for dinner or just for moving around on bikes? People here want to have tasty dinner or just dance, beer and some fun before going home and sleep.

Awesome spring look

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Spring look of city beautiful is simply awesome and mesmerizing. It is the best feeling when we pass through the roads with all the leaves thrown on the roads. It is a ravishing view of the roads and people love to walk instead of riding on vehicles.

City full of gardens and parks

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City beautiful is full of parks and gardens. People never get fed up of finding the place to go to for a picnic or for a date. There are lots of gardens out of which some famous ones are Rock Garden, Terrace Garden, Rose Garden, etc.

Himalayan Expressway to have that ‘Pahado ki Feel’

If you love hills, then Chandigarh is just and half an hour journey away from your love. You can take your way to Himalayan Expressway and that’s all you have to do. After a half an hour journey, all you will see are hills and your love. Kasol, Kasauli, Shimla, etc. are some of the hilly areas near Chandigarh.

These are some of the points that can describe the specialty and beauty of Chandigarh.

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