Drape your Dupatta in these ways to add a Royal look on Your Wedding Day


The beauty of Indian dresses lies in the versatility in the ways of carrying them. Everyone wants to look perfect and beautiful on every occasion, no matter it is wedding day or some of the important function of your friend or sibling. Be it a saree or a lehenga, there are different ways to carry yourself. Today, we bring you some of the styles in which you can drape your dupatta to be a royal bride on your wedding day.

The Front-Flow Dupatta Style

Flow Front Dupatta

Want to look elegant and classy? Drape your dupatta in Front Flow Style. To follow this style, first of all, pleat it neatly and then pin them on your left shoulder and make sure it will fall back to the length of knees. Leave your dupatta touch the floor on the front side and then fold it and pin it up on your forearm. Make sure it should be pinned properly.

The Casual Drape Style

Classic Drape

This is a perfect style of draping your dupatta in case you are going to wear a heavily embroidered blouse. For opting this style, just tuck one side of your dupatta on left portion of your waist. After that leave it slightly loose and then bring it on a front side covering your head. You can also let it loosen up in front instead of leaving it free at the back. This style will make you chic and traditional at the same time.

The Double Sided Drape

Double sided drape

This is one of the styles which will make you look alluring in your lehenga. Just take one end of your dupatta and tuck it on any side of the waist. After tucking it up, leave a part of your dupatta flowing at the back. Then bring it in the front side from over your shoulder. Pin the remaining portion on your arm as shown in the image and make it fall over on your blouse. Make sure to pleat your dupatta properly for an elegant and mesmerizing look. Try it on your special day.

The Back-U Dupatta Style

Back U dupatta

This is one of the most stylish and classic designs for carrying your dupatta and especially if your dupatta is heavily embroidered. You just have to arrange the pleats in a proper way and then pin it carefully on your left shoulder making it fall below the lower waist.  Now bring the other end of dupatta on the front right side. Now you can either tuck it in or you can also wrap it on your wristwatch. You can also keep your dupatta on your head if needed.

The Double Dupatta Style

Double dupatta

This style is very common nowadays. Many of the Bollywood actresses have also chosen this style for their weddings. You will look the most alluring bride. Sabyasachi Mukherjee started this style. One dupatta can be used for draping and another one for covering your head. Always use longer dupatta for covering your head and shorter for draping. If you are plus size bride then we advise you to choose this style for your wedding.

Now we have given you many options to rock your traditional look. Now you can choose any one of them. Comment your favorite one and yeah Happy Styling! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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