9 Indian Things That Leave Foreigners Completely Perplexed!


    ‘Are hum to aise hai bhaiya’, We Indians are totally unique. Agree? While we love to remain like this only, there are things that appear bizarre to the rest of the world.

    And no, I’m not talking about the usual taboo stuff. These are our everyday habits and desi living style that we adopt, which leave foreigners going ‘the heck’. So, here are 9 such habits which leave the Non-Indians go baffled.

    #1 Establishing Relationships even with complete strangers


    So there are a number of aunties and uncles, bhiyas and didis to be found all around. we’re a huge, happy family.

    #2 The week-long wedding celebrations

    Week long wedding celebrations

    Now, this is quite necessary. When you are really going to commit to one another for a lifetime, it calls for huge, loud, gaudy celebrations.

    #3 Residing with parents even when grown-up


    Because we never really grow up, do we? And we love to be around our family.


     #4 All vegan options!

    vegan options

    Though you can find a number of non-veg restaurants here, simply veg is our style.

    #5 Our ‘Jugaad’ skills


    We Indians have Jugaads for everything, I tell you. There’s not a single problem that cannot be solved with a little Jugaad and a lot of ‘chlegaa’. Yes, we are quite talented, folks.


    #6 The classic Indian Head Jiggle

    Head jiggle

    Is it a yes or is it a no? This is a language that only those fellow head wobblers can understand…Well, I can answer this question but you certainly won’t be able to interpret my head wobble, anyway.

    #7 The continuous Honking

    Continuous honking

    And patience is nowhere to be found. So big population in a single country with those many cars, what else do you expect?


    #8 Everyone’s a polyglot here, guys!


    Here everyone is a polyglot. Are you even an Indian if you don’t speak at least three languages?

    #9 The adjustments that we make


    Because we know how to make adjustments.




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