Girls! Don’t forget to capture these Must-Have Solo poses on your Wedding Day

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Everyone girl looks like a princess in her wedding lehenga. No matter whatever the color of her lehenga is, she will be the most beautiful girl in the world. Every girl adores her look in her heavily embroidered lehenga and matching jewelry and all those accessories. Isn’t it is a great idea to capture this beauty and charm in the form of photographs? Yeah! 😉 Brides, time to get ready and capture your beauty. Just pose for one minute and memory for the lifetime. It is your day so enjoy this day and cherish some moments for your lifetime. Make your wedding album the best with these candid and elegant solo poses.

The Mirror Pose

Mirror Pose

Mirror and a girl dressed up in her wedding dress have a very strong connection. Agree? It seems like they keep on asking “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is most beautiful of all?” Make this pose and capture it and keep it a memory forever. Brides, don’t forget to capture your beauty in the mirror as well as a phone simultaneously.

The Complete Pose

Complete Pose

Every girl thought about her wedding dress, matching jewelry, footwear and all the accessories. She spends a huge amount of time in combining the perfect color of lehenga and matching jewelry and accessories. After so many struggles at least a bride deserves a photograph describing her beauty from top to the bottom. 🙂

The Mehendi Pose

Mehendi Pose

Mehendi is very important ceremonies at an Indian wedding. The color of mehendi will describe her love which she will be getting from her husband or mother-in-law. We advise you to capture your mehendi on the wedding album.

The Back Pose

Back Pose

This is one of the must-have poses you can give when someone else is clicking your photograph. It can be captured while waiting for your groom or at the time of performing some ritual or it can be taken especially as shown in the image. These images will remain in your album and will give you lots of memories to cherish afterward.

The Floor Pose

Floor Pose

A combination of your charming smile and your lehenga spread on the floor will be perfect. It will describe your beauty and will add a lot of charm to your wedding album. Don’t miss this floor pose girls. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Up, Close and Personal Pose

Up, Close and Personal Pose

Million of dreams in eyes, extra charming glow, the nervousness of entering in a new life, excitement for new life. These are some of the feelings every bride have on their wedding day. Capture all these feelings by taking a close and personal pose. You will always remember your day with these images in these extra beautiful and dense photos.

The Shy Pose

Shy Pose

One of the Ada of every girl is shyness. A girl dressed up in the heavy and beautiful lehenga and that shyness on her face. So make sure to capture this pose.

The Unconventional Bride Pose

Uncoventional Pose

Every girl is naughty from inside. This pose is your chance to show all your madness and that Pagalpan. Don’t forget to pose some funny and cool style while wearing your wedding dress. Girls, it is time to be modern and cool. Try this for sure.

The Looking Back Pose

Looking Pose

Try to look back while someone is capturing you. Try this one and add one more sweet memories to your wedding album.

The Jewelry Pose

Jewelery pose

Now it is time to show your jewelry. No matter it is mang tikka, Choora or a neck piece, this is your time to show off your charm. Wait…Click…Yeah! 🙂 😉 🙂

Girls, give these poses will add more charm to your wedding album. Try these elegant poses. Just two seconds and memories for the lifetime. Brides, just smile for one minute and here you go…Click 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

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