Do You Know About The Automated driving Test? Read Now


In the generation of modern technology, the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA) has planned to adopt an innovative technique for the driving test. The team is all set to launch a new camera-based innovative driving testing system (IDTS). The motive behind launching this system is to make sure that a technology-oriented assessment can provide driving quality of license to the seekers. The new system will also improve the standard of the driving test and end the possibility of human error.

We do not have to wait much for this system to get implemented. It can be implemented at any time in upcoming two months. Sources in the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA) said. The project is almost completed by the Official team of the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), Pune, which has been assigned the task.

The system will be installed at Traffic Park in Sector 23 and will cost approximately Rs 2 crore. Sources added.

According to the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA), the work of laying the track with the purpose of automotive driving test would start soon. The Industrial Training Institute, Sector 26, is the place where the existing facility will be shifted for a month with the motive to complete this project. Under the system, a special track will be developed and cameras will be installed along with it. Officials said.

The cameras will be installed with the motive to record the applicants’ performance. Marks will be given to the applicant on the basis of his/her performance. The best part is that the marks will be given to applicants automatically without the human intervention. So that with the help of this system we can make sure that the applicants are having the sound knowledge of traffic rules and adequate training get the right to drive. Officials said.

It seems like the city beautiful is all set for the automotive driving test. If you or anyone in your family is planning to apply for the driving license then do share this amazing and latest update regarding the driving test innovation system with them. Let’s see if this mission gets successful or not.

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