Let’s check out what Chandigarh first 3D Zebra Crossing is all about….


After Delhi, it was Chandigarh Municipal Corporation who has painted a 3D Zebra Crossing on roads. This step is taken because of the increased number of accidents in city beautiful. Accidents are increasing day by day and taking lives of people. Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh has taken a great step by building the 3d Zebra Crossing. Under this step, first zebra crossing has been painted on Sector 7. Chandigarh is the second city to have 3D Zebra Crossing. The step will let the people of Chandigarh be safer and more secure. Now let’s check out some extra points about this 3D Zebra Crossing…

First 3D Zebra crossing printed on Chandigarh

A duo of mother and daughter from Gujarat developed 3D Zebra Crossing. Delhi is the first city in which it is implemented. City beautiful is the second city to implement it. It has been implemented in the city beautiful to make roads more secure and safe and to reduce the accident rate. Because of the well-maintained road of Chandigarh, people feel free to increase their vehicle speed. When someone came in front of the vehicle, the driver feels helpless to reduce the speed which leads to an accident. The 3D Zebra crossing is painted to reduce the accident rate of the city.

Working of 3D Zebra Crossing

This 3D Zebra Crossing is helpful in reducing the accident rate. People who are coming through vehicle will see it as an elevated road and therefore they will decrease their vehicle speed. It is a bit difficult to reduce vehicle speed suddenly but these zebra crossing can solve this problem. In the daytime, the driver can see people hopping the zebra crossing. This will help the driver to be under control and can reduce the accidents risk.

This is the step that is taken by Municipal Corporation with an aim to reduce the road accidents and improve the road safety and security. It will soon be implemented in many other areas of Chandigarh and India as well. This is the step which should be implemented in every city of the country.




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