Cases of Snatching On The Rise in Chandigarh


Safety of an individual walking around the city is at stake as the cases of snatching on the rise in city Chandigarh. The case of snatching is not increased in Chandigarh only but in other cities as well.

As for now, we are talking about the Chandigarh where the total number of incidents has been reported around 197 this year. Snatchers mostly target the women section. The pattern snatchers follow in most of the cases, two youths while riding a bike snatches gold chains from lonely women walking in residential areas. In some cases, the pillion rider gets down from the vehicle, snatches chains and escapes on the motorcycle on which his accomplice is waiting at a distance.

These incidents usually take place in the afternoon or in the late evening. This is the time when women step out of their house either to pick a kid from the school or for the shopping, etc.

Recently, two more snatching incidents have been taken place in city Chandigarh. A mobile phone and a gold chain were snatched in sector 45 and sector 44, respectively. As per the victim statement, he was holding the mobile phone in his hand when the accused snatched it and sped away. After the incident, the case was registered at the Sector 34 police station.

In another incident, two people on a bike sped away after snatching a gold chain from a woman in Sector 44. This incident took place near the army flats. According to the Sources, the accused were not wearing helmets at the time of the incident. A case has been registered at the Sector 34 police station after which they scrutinized the CCTV footage of the area.

After so many snatching incidents, women still do not cover their gold jewellery even when they walk alone. The police say that Public cooperation is necessary for preventing crimes, particularly chain snatching.


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