CBSE announces scholarships to girls who scored above 60%| Last date to apply 15th November


Educate a girl child and brighten the future of a country. Standing true to this saying CBSE has taken an initiative to promote the girl education in our nation by announcing the scholarship scheme. CBSE recently announced an exceptional scheme for single girl students. All the girls who secure more than 60% in their exams will receive a scholarship from CBSE. CBSE has taken this initiative to encourage the parents of single girls. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the girl should be single girl child and should have received at least 60% or 6.2 cgpa in her class 10th exams.

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship: Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship would be provided to only those girls who aim to continue their education in higher classes. Only those single girl child students will be eligible for the scholarship who wish to continue their studies as CBSE does not want to waste the limited scholarship funds on girls who wouldn’t use the funds for their studies but instead for some other purpose.

In a notification issued by CBSE, there is a clause which states that only the girls whose tuition fee is less than RS. 1500 per month will be considered for scholarship and the tuition fee can be increased 10% annually for consideration of the scholarship. The scholarship is also open for the NRI single girl child students. The NRI single girl child can avail the benefit of scholarship if her tuition fee is less than Rs. 6000.

However, the scholarship will be provided only for a period of two years. The scholarship will be renewed after passing class 11th only if the candidate manages to secure at least 50% of marks in the final examination. The CBSE single girl child scholarship would amount to RS. 500 a month. The last date to apply for the scholarship is 15th November.


Procedure to avail the CBSE Scholarship

A single girl child who has passed her CBSE 10th exams with at least 60% marks can apply for the scholarship if she is an Indian by birth. The girl should be willing to continue her education from CBSE affiliated school only. The Form for the scholarship provided by CBSE is available on CBSE official website which has to be filled by the girl child seeking scholarship last by 15th of November 2017. The form should be downloaded and should be duly attested by the school principal. The form along with the required affidavits shall be sent to the scholarship Unit of CBSE in New Delhi.


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