Furniture From The City Sold For Crores At US Auction


Indian Heritage is a collection of thousands of unique and different cultures. The Indian heritage and culture is the beauty of the Country. In the modern era, we Indians are still rooted in our culture and this is the best part of being an Indian. Indian heritage and culture are not only liked and respected in India but also appreciated and loved in all over the world. If you don’t believe my words then let me share with you the current news and I am sure that will make you believe that the value of the Indian heritage in abroad is worth crores.

Recently, an auction was held at Chicago in the USA on October 26, 2017, where a pair of heritage chairs designed by Le Corbusier who is the famous French architect and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret for Panjab University, Chandigarh, fetched a record Rs 1.14 crore. The other furniture items that were auctioned from Chandigarh are mentioned below with the prices. A total of 15 furniture items of heritage value fetched around Rs 2.7 crores. Let’s have a look:

 A sofa from the PU                                                                          Rs 42.17 lakh

Two writing chairs                                                                           Rs 2.27 lakh each

Four committee armchairs from the Punjab and Haryana High Court    Rs 12.97 lakh, Rs 10.54                                                                                                                     lakh, Rs 7.7 lakh and Rs                                                                                                                     7.29 lakh

Two linen chests from the MLA Flats building                                   Rs 5.67 lakh and Rs 4.46 lakh   

A pair of easy armchairs                                                                      Rs 12.16 lakh

A pair of easy armchairs                                                                      Rs 8.92 lakh

A folding screen from Administrative Building                                   Rs 11.35 lakh

A sofa from the High Court                                                                  Rs 10.54 lakh      

A pair of bridge armchairs from the High Court                                 Rs 22.70 lakh


According to the data, the last auction that was held at the beginning of this year in France, where the total of 25 items was sold for Rs 4.8 crore. This was the highest amount that was fetched in the last auction.

“Old is Gold” is an old saying but today we have experienced it because of this auction, where the furniture items from our city Chandigarh were sold in crores. So, Before you throw out the old furniture from your home, make sure that it does not worth in crores, otherwise, you will regret later.

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