10 Relationship Issues That Are Universal To All The Couples!

Relationship problems


Hitting a rough phase in a relationship is quite inevitable. You may have a difference of opinion at some point even if you love each other too deeply. But we should remember one thing that these little things should never ruin up your relationship.

However, it is quite normal to fight with your partner as long as you fight without harming each other. It’s totally okay to put your point forward but it is equally important to understand and respect your partner’s point of view.


The bottom line- as long as you and your partner communicate with each other like adults, you’ll go strong in your relationship. Just in case you need a general idea, here are a few points that every couple goes through at some time.

#1. Feeling Bored in a Relationship!

feeling bored in a relationship

There comes a point in every relationship where the spark dies, and it’s obvious for you to wonder where this all is heading. When you’re going through a time like this, just remember one thing- “this too shall pass”. Just keep working towards getting things normal.

#2. Giving up on your significant other more than usual!

Giving up too much

Knowing someone well also means anticipating their behavior. If you know your partner well, you sometimes give up on them without even trying. This is one of the reasons why couples incline to grow apart because they stop trying after a point. Just remember, that one cannot figure out everything about a person, so we should not lose hope and give it another chance.

#3. Starting to have a prejudiced mind!

starting to have a prejudiced mind

There is a very little difference between having a prejudiced mind and being pessimistic. This habbit of ours brings a lot of harm to the relationship when we constantly undermine the other one, without giving them the benefit of doubt.

#4. Running out of topics to talk!

running out of topics to talk

Isn’t this a common thing that every couple face? When you have spent many years with your partner you tend to run out of the topics eventually. But, this is not the end of the relationship, there are still a lot of things to be explored and even more, adventures to take together. So, stay relax things will get normal soon.

#5. Disagreeing on things that you agreed on earlier!

Disagreeing on things that you agreed on earlier!

This is the most common thing that every couple experiences at some point of time. Because excess of anything is never good, be it love, affection or anger. The only way to have things sorted is to communicate like adults.

#6. Wanting to get some space!

Wanting to get some space!

The need to get some space arrives when you start getting bored with the relationship. But dear, this is not the time to start looking for something out of the relationship but to work on fixing things up.

#7. Lack of trust!

Wanting to get some space!

There are times when doubts build blocks in a relationship. It’s human nature to keep questioning things in life. When in such a situation, try not to dwell on doubts and try to build a strong relationship by focusing on the positive side of things.

#8. Experiencing Insecurity!

Experiencing Insecurity!

We all experience bouts of jealousy from time to time. We all experience it to a certain degree. The key to get over it to build strong trust and communicate with your partner.


#9. Picking up fights on silly issues!

Picking up fights on silly issues!

It’s completely okay to pick up fights sometimes on issues you know, you would laugh at when you look back on them. But don’t make this a habit as it can affect your relationship adversely.

#10. Cutting each other short!

Cutting each other short!

Having a good communication is crucial to make a relationship last for longer. One of the major no- nos? Not being an active listener.

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