Are you a Chai Lover? If yes, then You can easily Relate to These Points


Are you a Chai Lover? Is your blood group is TEA POSITIVE? If yes, this article is for you Guys. “Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaalli Ho” …This is all the whole community of Chai Lover desires for. All Chai Lovers can relate to the points listed below. Before finding anything to eat, I prefer to find a tea stall. After all, I can’t ditch chai. It’s love of my life Yaar. Who else agrees with me?

You feel like you are cheating on Chai while having coffee with your friends

Chai Lover

Your friends have insisted you to have coffee with them. But you always feel like cheating on chai while sitting in the cafe and having Coffee?

Your favorite Cup

Chai Lover

Do you have a cup which is your favorite one? The cup can be the one which is perfectly sized to have the right amount of chai or maybe it is able to keep your chai hot for a long amount of time.

A Chai Shelf

Chai Lover

Have you been to Darjeeling, Assam, Palampur and bring home some tea leaves? You have done that, Right? Then I am sure you must have a tea shelf where all you tea leaves are kept. I know you must be proud of that shelf of yours.

Any Mood…Chai can fix it

Chai Lover

Are you Excited…Have a cup of tea. Are you sad…A cup of Chai can fix it all, Are you bored…Go and have a chai. No matter what you feel, chai is always there to fix everything. It will make things better and easier.

Who is your best companion…Obviously, It’s chai

Chai Lover

When you get tired of everything and want a companion, you have chai. When you have to put stress on your brain, you have chai to accompany you. No matter whatever the situation is, chai will always be there to give you a company and believe me it will never leave you.

Chai is priority

Chai Lover

What comes on priority? Obviously, it is Chai Yaar. Whether you have an important meeting or some other work to do, you will always manage to have a cup of tea.

There is no limit of cups of Chai

Chai Lover

Who counts the number of cups of chai in the day? A chai lover will never do that. I mean, it is chai…why to count the number of cups.

The morning which starts with a cup of Chai is the BEST

Chai Lover

The idea of the best morning for a tea lover is a day started with Adrak wali Chai. Is there any other way to give a beautiful start to your day? I don’t think so.

Chai in my own way

Chai Lover

A bad cup of tea can ruin your whole day. So why not make a cup of tea in your own way. Perfect amount of sugar, perfect aroma and here is a perfect cup of tea.

We hope you must have related yourself to these points. For all chai lovers, Chai Hai to Hum Hai. For all chai Lovers…Helloooo Frands…Chai Pee Lo 😉

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