Are you living in your 20’s? Then add these Things in your Wish List before you turn 30


Hey! This post is for the people who are below 30 years of age. What’s on your wish list guys? I have a lot many things and want to do all of them before turning 30. We always think about the savings and related things which can come in the way of doing some beautiful things. And we end up leaving all our dreams or wishes for the future. But believe me guys, your 20’s is the best time for fulfilling your wishes.

Learn a new Language


Learning a new language is always fun. Learn French, German, Spanish or some other language that you desire.

Promise yourself that you will never stop learning and growing

Never stop learning

This is one of the most important points to learn. Just promise yourself that you will never stop learning no matter what your age or situation be like. Grasp every opportunity that comes your way to learn something new.

Watch a sunrise or sunset from a mountain or a beach

Sunrise Sunset

This is one of the most beautiful feelings you can ever experience in your lifetime. Watching sunrise or sunset from a beach or the top of the mountain is always a pleasure to seek.

Travel to a place which is not a part of your travel list

Travel to a place

Plan a visit to a place which is not a part of your bucket list. Maybe you will find something more interesting or beautiful at such a place.

Sleep under the stars

Under the sky

Wow, this is the BEST feeling you can have. Go for it guys and feel the beauty and serenity.

Take care of living things like plants or pet

Plants and Pets

Why waste your time on the social media when you have someone to take care of? Just take care of pets or grow some plants.

Take care of your skin

Skin CareSkin Care

Yeah! Take care of your skin and make yourself look glowy and beautiful. Afterall, beautiful skin is something that we all desire…(At least I do :p )

Move out of your hometown for at least a short duration

Move out of the hometown

This is one of the mandatory things to be done before you turn 30. You will come to learn a lot by being away from your hometown.

Be a volunteer for an NGO


Helping others will give you a feeling which can’t be expressed in words. But be selfless while doing good for others.

Donate for the charities you believe in 

Donate for the charity

Donate a fixed amount of your income to the charity you have a firm faith in. You will feel extremely happy and cherished after making this donation.

Read things written by your favorite author

Authors and books

Reading books is one of the best things to relieve your mind. Read all the books by your favorite authors before you turn 30.

Watch all the movies you were postponing 

Watch movies

There are a lot of movies we keep postponing because of certain reasons but do watch all such movie before you turn 30.

Understand the true meaning of love


Love is eternal and beautiful. Only a few lucky ones get to experience this feeling. Just try to understand the true meaning of love.

Go for a trip with your parents

Trip with parents

Everyone must have gone out on a trip with friends but you should also go on a trip with your parents. It is an awesome feeling.

Throw some parties for the near ones

Throw a party

Be a host and throw a party for all your near and dear ones.

Learn how to cook 

How to cook

Learning how to cook is both interesting and necessary thing before you turn 30.

Go on a trip with your girl squad

Trip with Girls Squad

Go out on a trip with your girl’s squad and have fun with your gang.

Travel solo

Travel Solo

Traveling solo will make you learn a lot many things. Everyone should travel solo in their 20’s.

Learn the process of filling your own taxes

Filing tax

Paying taxes is one of the mandatory things nowadays. Everyone should learn the process for tax filing.

Try to invest in property

Invest in property

Everyone knows investing in a property is quite difficult before 30 years of age but it is best if you are able to do it.

Invest your money wisely

Investing money wisely

Invest your money in some positive direction and never waste your money on unnecessary things.

Learn how to ride a bike

Bike ride

Going to some beautiful place with your friends on the bike? Doesn’t that sound good? But before going on a road trip just go and learn how to ride a bike. It will be fun.

Learn to drive  

How to drive

Do you know how to drive? If not, then go and learn how to drive.

How many of these things have you done in your life? And how many are you willing to do??…do mention in the comments section below 🙂

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