What is the “Tide Pod Challenge”? Where it came from?

Tide Pods

There are new thing becoming a trend on the Internet. Some are related to clothes, some are related to food and some are related to some stupid sort of challenges. There are many challenges which became a trend on the Internet from time to time. Some are just for fun like Mannequin Challenge and some are dangerous like Blue Whale Challenge. Now, a stupid thing that is going viral on the Internet is “Tide Pod Challenge”. Yeah! you heard it correct and many of you must have related this Tide to the detergent we used in our homes. To your surprise, let us tell you that you are correct. This is the challenge that is related to Tide, the detergent. Let’s see what actually it is.

What is ‘Tide Pod Challenge’?

Tide Pods is a brand of detergent used to clean your clothes. They make detergent capsules which are little bit identical to sweets. Although they look like sweets, they are not to be eaten because they contain highly poisonous material and can even cause the death of a person. The ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ is the latest craze that is going on among the teens on social media. Under this challenge, teens are challenging each other to put pods in the mouth and post image or video on social media after taking a bite of it. This was stared as an online joke. But now, one of the tweet says ” The perfect meal. Retweet if you would eat this”. Now our young generation has taken this tweet seriously and started taking part in this challenge.

What happened when you eat Detergent pods?

As people are now started taking part in this challenge, we want you to tell what are the effects of eating these tide pods. We will also tell you the reason for not eating these tide pods. Soap poisoning in the human body will affect the blood pressure and in return, your heart rate will drop very rapidly. This leads to failure of many important organs in your body and chances of your heart to collapse will also increase. If the outer membrane of these pods will burst, then it will also cause mouth, skin and eye irritation along with burns and painful rashes.

A very small amount of such detergent can also cause diarrhea, vomiting and some of the breathing difficulties and can even lead to death. The experts from company advised the consumers to drink a glass of milk and water if tide pod is swallowed by mistake. They also advised consulting a doctor in such cases. These experts also make it clear that these balls or pods are not for playing and are purely made for cleaning your clothes.

Where did the Tide Pod Challenge come from?

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The Onion is an American satirical news website which has submitted a story in 2015. This story tells about the similarities in the look of detergent pods and sweets. After two years, US Humour Website College uploaded a video on youtube with the caption “Don’t Eat the Laundry Pods”. This video is made trending in last few weeks and it has hundreds of comments added to it in last few weeks. On December 9, @mineifiwildout has tweeted something about eating Tide Pods. This tweet becoming trending and sort of challenge for teenagers.

On December 11, an image of Oprah Winfrey was uploaded from the account of @littlestwayne in which he was eating tide pod. He also captioned the image by saying “Me eating tide laundry detergent pods” This was the beginning of the “Tide Pod Challenge” on the Internet. All the related images and videos have been deleted from the internet.

The meme has now been converted into a life taking challenge. We advised every one of you not to be a part of this “Tide Pod Challenge” as it is dangerous for your health and life as well.


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