Suffering A Hangover? Here Are A Few Remedies To Deal With It!


Met your friends after years or enjoyed the amazing disco night with your girlfriend, none of us likes puking with a cranky mood next day. Waking up after a gala boozing is something that we all want to skip. And when you wake up to nausea and headache is what makes you feel like a crap.

Yes! Hangovers are so troublesome. Well, don’t you worry. For the times when you deal with this hangover issues, we are here to your rescue with some amazing remedies for a hangover cure.

#1 Coca-Cola

Yes! A few sips of your favorite drink can bring you out of that hangover. Sipping Cola after hangover can help bring your stomach at ease.


#2 Honey

Honey has great antioxidant qualities and is loaded with an enormous amount of glucose and fructose. Sipping 1-2 spoons of this light sweetener will help to lighten up your mood and stomach when dealing with a hangover.


#3 Ginger

Is your stomach going crazy with huge amount of Alcohol? Blend some ginger with tea, water or sushi, sip it down and see the magic. Raw ginger is not recommended on empty stomach.


#4 Eggs

Eggs are laden with cysteine. Cysteine breaks down acetaldehyde, a substance which is responsible for hangovers. Egg provides your body the required energy and helps you revive from tiredness.


#5 Prickly Pear

Facing a hangover? Prickly Pear might help to a great extent. The extract derived from the fruit can help you get rid of the nauseated feeling, the crying stomach, and the deserted mouth. Drink a glass of the extract with a few ice-cubes to bring the tsunami in your stomach at ease.


#6 Banana + Gatorade

After consuming a hell lot of Alcohol, all the water content is lost from your body. Tough water may help you to cure the dehydration but Gatorade will give you an instant dose of energy. The combination of Banana and Gatorade helps your body to deal with the vitamin crisis.


#7 Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Balls have very healing properties. It does not only help you get rid of that extreme hangover but also provides a solution for that red eyes.









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