OnePlus 5T: Launching in India tomorrow


Last week OnePlus company talked about launching the successor of OnePlus 5T with some additional features. It will be launching in India on 21st November 2017. OnePlus 5T combines some of the things that Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30 have. OnePlus has done many improvements in last 5 months and now they are coming back to the market with OnePlus 5T. Some of the additional points about OnePlus 5T are an edge to edge display, shifts fingerprint sensor to the back and also introduce facial recognition and camera sensors.

Here we are providing you with some of the best features which are enough for you to go and buy this phone:

Great new 6- inch screen

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In today’s era, each smartphone comes with a larger 18:9 as that of Samsung Galaxy S8. The bezel-less trend was initially used by Xiaomi Mi Mix in China. But now it is well-known in the global market. OnePlus 5T is not fully bezel-less smartphone but it is using this technique up to a certain point. With huge 6 inch AMOLED screen, the display of this phone has a high resolution and bezels becomes less on top and bottom. The dimensions of this phone are same as that of OnePlus 5 with a difference that the fingerprint sensor is now shifted back.

Face ID Unlock

OnePlus 5T comes with a new feature which is Face ID Unlock system. For unlocking your phone you just have to give a look at your phone and it will be unlocked. This feature of OnePlus 5T works many times faster than Apple’s iPhone 10X. Face ID Unlock feature is implemented to bring on some new changes and also because fingerprint sensor is shifted back. This feature can be both bane and boon for the users. This can be a boon because of fast implementation and it can be a bane to the users as the phone will be unlocked as the user will see towards phone for checking notification.

Cameras of OnePlus 5T

This phone has two rear cameras and one front camera. OnePlus 5T comes with a front camera of 16MP and two rear cameras. One rear camera has 16MP sensor while the other one has a sensor of 20MP. This phone is capable of taking images in low light as well.

Splash Proof

Image result for oneplus 5Tsplash screen

OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T are both made from splash proof materials. These phones are water resistant and are made from proper and water-resistant materials. Build quality of this phone is way better than other variants and other smartphones.

OnePlus 5T will be launching tomorrow in India with a range starting from Rs 32599. What are you waiting for…Just go and buy OnePlus 5T tomorrow…





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