The List of Indian Women Who Won The Miss World Title Over The Years


When we talk about beauty, Indian women is what comes to our mind. We often heard people saying that Indian women are the most beautiful women in the whole world. Do they mean it? Of course, they do, after all, the women of our country have proved it many times. The beauty is not only limited to looks. There are many other aspects as well, which counts while defining beauty. Being beautiful is very common but having beauty with brains is something rare and hard to find. The beauty pageant is a platform that allows you to prove that you are beautiful enough not only in looks but in all aspects to conquer the world.

While the entire country is celebrating the victory of Manushi Chillar for getting the Miss World crown home, we are here with the list of Indian women who won the Miss World title over the years.


Let’s Check out the gorgeous Indian women who brought the Miss World crown home over the years:



Reita Faria – 1966

Reita Faria was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She won the Miss World crown back in the year 1966. Where most beauty pageant winners choose entertainment as a career option, she opted medicine as her career. However, she stayed connected with judging beauty pageants.

The answer that made Reita Faria “Miss World”  was

 Why did she want to be a doctor?

Reita replied: India needed more obstetricians and gynaecologists, they said India has lots of babies. She said that was something we need to discourage.



Aishwarya Rai – 1994

Aishwarya Rai is the most successful actress in Bollywood and a beautiful diva. The whole planet admires her for her beauty and confidence. She was born in Karnataka, India and won a Miss World crown in the year 1994. This gorgeous woman rules the heart of everyone across the world.

The answer that made Aishwarya Rai “Miss World” was

What qualities should Miss World 1994 embody?

Aishwarya replied: The Miss Worlds that we have had till date, have been a proof enough that they have had compassion, compassion for the underprivileged, not only for the people for who have status and stature, who can look beyond the barriers that man has set up for ourselves of nationality, colour. We have to look beyond that and that will make a true Miss World, a true person, a real person.



Diana Hayden – 1997

Diana Hayden is the stunning beauty who was crowned Miss World in the year 1997. She is an Indian actress, model, and beauty queen who was born in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

The answer that made Diana Hayden “Miss World” was

 If you could be anyone in the world, who would it be?

Diana replied:  It had to be Audrey Hepburn. I admired her inner beauty, compassion and aura and the calmness within that is reflected in her.”



Yukta Mookhey – 1999

This gorgeous woman won back the Miss World crown in the year 1999. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She started her career in Bollywood but her movies didn’t really have a successful career in the Bollywood, so eventually, she quit Bollywood.

The answer that made Yukta Mookhey “Miss World”  was

 That one important piece of advice she would like to give her parents as a daughter: What would that be and why? 

Yukta replied: “I would tell my parents that in the values that you’ve taught me, I’ll still stand by you no matter what and hope that we can set an example for the rest of the world to see what family values and ethics are all about.”



Priyanka Chopra – 2000

The Glamorous Diva Priyanka Chopra won back the Miss World crown in the year 2000. She was born in Jamshedpur, Bihar( now in Jharkhand), India. She is a brilliant Bollywood actress, amazing singer and a great human being. Presently, she is flaunting her talent and beauty in Hollywood.

The answer that made Priyanka Chopra “Miss World” was

Who she considered the most successful woman alive during that time and why? 

Priyanka replied:  I admire one of the most admirable person that is Mother Teresa, who has been so compassionate, considerate and kind.”



Manushi Chhillar – 2017

Manushi is the gorgeous and ambitious woman who was born in Haryana, India. She is the sixth woman who made our country proud by winning back the Miss world crown in the year 2017. She is a medical student who is pursuing her MBBS. The title winner says that her idol is Reita Faria, the first Indian and Asian to win the Miss World crown in 1966.

The answer that made Manushi Chhillar “Miss World” was

She was asked which profession, according to her, deserves the highest salary and why?

Manushi replied: “Since I’m very close to my mother, I think a mother deserves love and respect, I don’t think it’s just about salary but about love and respect you give to someone and I think my mom has always been the biggest inspiration in my life and all mothers, they sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I think the profession of highest respect and salary should be that of a mother.”



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