Most Stylish colors for Traditional Indian Saree and Suits this Wedding Season

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For women, wedding season means updating their wardrobe with beautiful Indian dresses. Every woman feels good when they are appreciated for their dresses and knowledge of all the latest fashion trends. Today we bring you some of the beautiful colors which are in trend this year. These colors are a great hit among all the fashion designersΒ of India for wedding season this year. These colors should be there in every woman’s wardrobe this wedding season. Let’s see which colors are on the top this year.

Scuba Blue

Image result for actresses in scuba blue color sareeThis is one of the most stylish colors you can choose for this wedding season. This is kind of exotic color which can perfectly describe your taste in clothing. It is perfect for every occasion like puja, sangeet or even in the wedding. Just wear a beautiful scuba color saree or suit and grab everyone’s attention. You can pair this color with some other colors like orange, blue, etc.


Related imageThis is one of the boldest colors on the list. If you are a bold person and want to showcase your personality with your apparel then marsala is one of the best colors for you. This color can go best with classic blue. This is the ‘color of the year’ and you should surely get a traditional Indian suit or saree of this color.

Toasted Almond

Image result for toasted almond sarees

You will simply look fabulous in this shade.This color can be matched with shades of red, marsala. You can go for an Anarkali having pink embroidery on it, or you can purchase a designer saree having marsala color blouse. And also, you can purchase a saree of this color without the touch of any other color. This color will surely make you look the most stunning person in the gathering.


Image result for actress in aquamarine color sareesAquamarine color is one of the calmest colors on this list which is best suited for daytime functions. This color is almost similar to cyan with a little variation. You can wear a designer saree or traditional Indian suit teamed up with glacier grey color.


Image result for actress in custard color sarees

This is one of the delightful colors on the list. It is best for the warm and sunny day. If you want to wear something plain then go for the net fabric saree. You can also wear a heavy suit which is made from rich silk fabric or brocade fabric teamed up with a bright colored dupatta.


Image result for collage of actresses in tangerine color saree

Some of the words to define this color are playful, energizing and bright. You can opt this color for any party. Several options for wearing this color are: suit with a stylish velvet jacket, saree having this color teamed up with orange, green and other elegant colors. This color is best suited for a fun filled evening or any night party.

Classic Blue

Related image

This is one of the evergreen colors and should surely be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. Some of the best options for wearing this elegant and shining color are floor length Anarkali suits, or a saree having colors like toasted almond, pink, or other elegant colors. You can also team this color with some of the rich colors like marsala.

Strawberry Ice

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If you want a touch of pink in your dress, then we advise you to go for strawberry ice color this wedding season. You will surely grab the attention of people in the gathering. The combination of tangerine and strawberry ice is one of the most beautiful combinations you can choose to wear this wedding season.

Glacier Grey

Image result for actress in glacier grey color sarees

Glacier Grey color is one of the classic colors that should be part of your wardrobe. You can wear a grey suit with heavily embroidered border, a saree with neon, classic blue or marsala color border.

Lucite Green

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You must surely have many shades of green but lucite green is one of the most elegant and beautiful shade you should opt for this wedding season. This is a refreshing color that can suit you in the summertime. Classic blue and scuba blue can go best with this color.

These are some of the most soothing and styling colors that you can choose this wedding season. Traditional Indian sarees and suits of these colors will grab the attention of the people present in the gathering you attend.


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