Punjab Gangsters behind City Buisnessman’s Kidnapping!


The UT Police have identified the three miscreants who were involved in the kidnapping of a 31-year-old businessman. The gangsters gave outcome to the incident outside a gym in sector 9. Two of them were carrying arms. The gangsters are believed to have mocked the incident before committing the actual crime.

A similar case happened in September 2016, where the accused had also kidnapped the businessman from sector 35 and released him a few hours later after taking a huge amount of Rs. 40 lakh.

Modus Operandi 

The incident happened around 8.10 pm when the victim came out of the gym while talking on the phone. As soon as the victim reached his car, the culprits pointed out the pistol at him and sat in his car. While one of them drove the car, the other two handled the victim on the rear seat.

The culprits threatened the victim and asked to pay a hefty amount of Rs. 2 crores. They drove around the city and tortured the victim to call at his home and ask for money. The victim without letting his cousin know about the kidnapping asked him to bring the money near Elante Mall.

As soon as the victim’s cousin reached the spot, the accused grabbed the money and released the victim. They then drove away the victim’s Mercedes. 20-minutes after the incident, the SUV was found abandoned in Industrial Area, Phase II. The accused are believed to be in their mid-twenties.


  • 6.45 pm – Victim reached the gym in sector 9
  • 8.10 pm – Leaves the gym and gets kidnapped thereafter
  • 9.25 pm – Released by the Kidnapper near Elante mall
  • 9.30 pm – Police gets a call and is informed about the robbery

 Is Nabha jailbreak accused behind this robbery?

According to the Police, one of the accused in Nabha jailbreak is suspected to have given outcome to the incident. The victim identified the pictures of a few suspects (gangsters from Punjab) shown by the crime branch of the UT Police.

 Jurisdiction Bumble?

A case was registered by the UT police at Industrial Area police station for the incident. The case should have been registered at the sector 9 police station as the victim was kidnapped from sector 9 and released in Industrial Area.


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