Junkies Unite: Some Super Affordable Lip Balms Below INR 100!

lip balms

We girls are always so particular about our looks, our dress up, the footwear we wear, the bag we carry and what not! right? We love to look our best and carry ourselves in a great way. While we care about each minute detail, how can we forget to pamper our lips?

While many of us prefer the expensive ones, the best of Lip Balms comes with an easy price tag. So girls, wait not and pick the best one!

 #1. Blue Heaven Lip Bomb- Bubble Gum

lip bomb Lip Balm

Enriched with Canola oil and shea butter, this Lip Bomb helps to keep the lips hydrated and protect them from photo-oxidation. Who wouldn’t like to buy it when the balm comes in a super cute dome shaped packaging.

Price: Rs. 70-80.


#2. Khadi Natural Chocolate Lip Balm

Khadi Lip Balm

Khadi Natural Chocolate Lip Balm is made with natural beeswax and chocolate essential oils that hydrates your lips while leaving a subtle sheen. Its delicious chocolate fragrance would make you love it!

Price: Rs. 80-90.


#3. Kronokare The Frizz Kiss- Cooling Explosion Lip Balm Peppermint

kronokare Lip Balm

A combination of vitamin E, shea butter, sunflower, and peppermint this lip balm is created to give your lips a cooling, tingling effect. The peppermint oil used in the balm helps to give your lips a plumping effect.

Price: Rs. 90-100


Miss Claire Lip colour#4. Incolor Lipsmaker Lip Balm

Lip smaker Lip Balm

This tinted lip balm is a perfect pick for this summer. It gives a natural tint to your lips and makes it look more glossy.

Price: Rs. 99


#5. Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

himalaya herbals lip balm

Enriched with castor, wheat germ, coconut, carrot, and extracts of sweet indrajao, this is a completely natural lip balm. This is a perfect all-weather lip balm and the secret to your glossy lips.

Price: Rs. 30


#6. Vaseline Lip Care

Vaseline Lip Care

Vaseline lip care is made from 100 % pure petroleum jelly that gives you smooth, flake-free lips.

Price: Rs. 45


#7. Joy Skin Fruits Strawberry Lip Balm

Joy Skin Fruit

Enriched with the goodness of strawberries, this lip Balm adds a shimmer to your beautiful lips. The antioxidants and vitamin C present in the lip balm counteracts lip darkening and help exfoliate them gently.

Price: Rs 35.


#8. Nivea Fruity Lip Care

nivea fruity lip care

Enriched with fruit extracts Nivea Fruity Lip Care leaves your lips looking glossy and shimmery. It gives your lips a soft touch and makes a perfect base for a liquid lipstick.

Price: Rs 35-45.


#9. Eva Fresh Mini Lip Balm- Litchi

eva fresh lip colour

Eva fresh mini lip balm is enriched with pure rose oil extracts to hydrate and repair your lips. The litchi flavor gives a nice smell to your lips and the added beeswax and Vitamin E provides your lips with long-lasting hydration.

Price: Rs. 55-60



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