11 Great Ways To Decorate Your Room When You’re Living Alone!

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Living away from home is never so easy. It comes with plenty of responsibilities and intense motion sickness. But now, when you have decided to move away, it’s time to get responsible and make some changes. To your attitude, your life and surely your room. The more nicely you prep up your new room, the easier it would be for you to settle down. Here we have listed down some cheap yet awesome ways to decorate your room when living alone.

#1. Brighten it up with Natural Light!

Room decor

All it takes is a bright yellow curtain to let the sunlight shine in your room. Afterall, is there anything that can be brighter than the natural light? Nah, I don’t think so!

We recommend: Yellow Curtains (Rs. 500-600)

#2. Minimal Walls

home decor

If you hate putting too many things on your wall, it’s best to keep it simple with just a classic piece of painting. It could just be a family photograph or just a picture of your favorite star.

We recommend: Wall Paintings (Rs. 200-300)

#3. Use your Doors

Room decor

Create your own little beautiful haven by adding this beautiful Home sign to your door.

We recommend: Home Sign (Rs. 200-500)

#4. Add lamps that double up as decorations

Room decor

Forget the same old lamps and bring in the ones which double up as a decorative piece even when they are not shining brightly.

We recommend: Decorative Hanging Lamps (Rs. 600-800)

#5. Buy quirky mats

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You say why so quirky? I say why not?? This is perfect to give your muted floor a much needed fun addition.

We recommend: Lips Doormat (Rs. 300-600)


#6. Decal it up!

Room decor

Decals are a simple yet nice way of doing up your walls. All you need is a piece that speaks to your soul.

We recommend: Simple wall decals (Rs. 200-400)

#7. Keep the clutter away!

Room decor

I never seem to find the things at right time.If you too are just like me, get these beautiful holders for all your tidbits.

We recommend: Umbrella Wall Hanging (Rs. 200-300)

#8. Add a mood board

Room decor

It is probably the best way to keep your memories in one place. Whether it is the late night thoughts or a meeting reminder that you just can’t miss. Just pin it!

We recommend: Pin Board (Rs. 1200-1500)

#9. Bunting it!

room decor

These cute little buntings are always good to go with……add them to your bedpost or walls to give a homely touch to your room.

We recommend: Bird and Flower Buntings (Rs. 200-300)

#10. Framed for Life

room decor

Frames are always good to go… The perfect way to pin up your memories.

We recommend: White Frames (Rs. 1200-1500)

#11. Light your way

room decor

Fairy lights are always a big Yesss! Add these cute ones to prettify your room.

We recommend: House String Lights (Rs. 600-800)


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