Is your Bond with your BFF is getting ruined because of the Long Distance? Here are some of the tips through which you save your friendship


Have you been in long distance relationship with your BFF, bae, siblings or your family member? It is one of the most difficult things in your life. It is really heartbreaking and even irritates you a lot. There may be time differences and different working schedules. But don’t let distance ruin your relationship. When this long distance came in case of your BFF, it is toughest to handle. It requires a lot of work, patience and calmness. But do you know this silly time difference and time schedules don’t have the power to ruin your friendship? Now it’s high time to show your BFF how much they matter to you and save your ruining long-distance friendship with some of these beautiful ways. Remember your bond with that weirdo is way stronger than this silly distance.

Plan a Visit


Planning to meet each other is one of the most exciting things to reduce the distances between you guys. This may depend on how far you guys are or on your financial conditions. Anyone of you can go to other’s place or maybe you can meet while they came to their home. You can also choose a place which is feasible for both of you and you both can have fun there.

Send each other surprises

Who doesn’t like surprises? Keep on sending some beautiful surprises to your buddies just to make sure they remember you. You can send a handmade card, their favorite snacks or a piece of clothing to them.

Find time to video chat

Video Call

Being on call or talking on text can undoubtedly keep your communication keep going. But what about having a video call at least once in a week. You will feel like you are sitting together and talking. And above all seeing weird faces of your BFF will make you feel good for that weekend.

Keep sending pictures and videos back and forth


Another way to remain connected to your BFF and their life is sending your images and videos. This will give both of you a clue of what’s happening in each other’s life. No matter it is just a weird selfie of yours or anything on which you want their opinion or the thing you are doing.

Be ready with all the updates


There are a lot of things which are happening in your daily life and you need to tell your BFF. But maybe you will not be able to call them daily so you can note down the things and can share with your BFF whenever you guys will have time to talk. But remember, don’t miss out any important gossip.

Take care of time differences and each other’s schedules


You will face the real problem when you and your BFF will be in the different country. There will be time difference with which you have to cope up with. For solving this problem, just confirm your schedules and find the time which suits you both. And yeah, maybe you have to give up your sleep to talk to each other.

Find some activities which you guys can do together


I know you are a distance apart but still, there are some activities which you can do together to maintain that spark in your friendship. Some of the activities which you can do together are binge-watching a TV serial together, watch the same movie on Netflix or start reading the same book together.

Don’t let the distance ruin your friendship. Stand there for each other and make it more strong. That weird face idiot is yours and distance can’t take it away from you. And yeah, stay calm and have some patience.

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