Some Deviant Startups which proved that No Dreams are Too Big to Achieve


Everyone planned to start something of their own especially engineers. When asked, they mostly said, “Bhai, Startup Kholenge”. Right Engineers? And this startup idea is full of disappointments, excitement and your ability. It is not that much easy and everyone needs an inspiration. For all of you guys, we bring some of the deviant startups which are an inspiration to everybody. With all these names, you will get a push towards your own startup.



Two guys who were passionate about traveling started this is 2013. Being lucky they get the funding of Rs 2.4 crores in 2014.



A 17-year-old fellow started OravelĀ to manage the hotel in Gurugram. Soon this Oravel turns to OYO and now it is one of the best apps for hotel bookings. The approximate net value of OYO rooms is $52 billion.



A guy who was working at his father’s realized one day that he has some unique business potentials. He started for which he got the funding of $42 million.



A guy quits his job and created 3 apps but was rejected by many investors and finally launched Pinterest in 2010 which have 25 million users now.



A guy randomly creates a professional network and invited near about 350 contacts. The professional network becomes famous and it is worth $1 billion now.


A guy struggled a lot while learning English. He was also rejected by several jobs and he is the same person who is responsible for Alibaba. Alibaba raises around $25 billion in 2014 in IPO.



There was a guy who learn how to code every day after work. He got some funding for his first app Instagram. The app was launched on Monday and was declared as #1 photo app on the very next day. What a victory!

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

There was a group of 3 friends who developed 51 games and unfortunately, all of them were unsuccessful. Angry bird is their 52ndĀ game and you can see the results. Hats off to their patience level and hard work.


air bnb

There were two guys who were not able to pay their rents so they start charging people to live in their living room. This is the motivation for them to start the AirBnB. After several rejections, they received $112 million for executing their ideas.


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