Let’s check What Indian States have in the Platter for Breakfast

Indian state and their Signature Breakfast

The beauty of India lies in the diversity. And this beauty is also visible on the food platters of India. On the land of India, the distinctiveness in terms of food is huge which makes it a better place to eat. ūüėČ Today, we will take you to every state and will make you aware about the signature breakfasts of all the Indian States.

So, let’s have a look at the Signature food of Indian states

Pesarattu Upma, Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh 

Pesarattu Upma is basically a form of Dosa with the filling of Upma.

Khura, Arunachal Pradesh

Arunanchal Pradesh

Khura is basically wheat pancake which is served along with butter and some sauces. Sound delicious? It is very delicious. Go and try.

Chira (Flattened Rice) with Curd & Jaggery, Assam


Chira is flattened rice mixed with curd and jaggery. Sound scrumptious?

Sattu ka Parantha, Bihar


Sattu Parantha served along with curd and raw onion. Do you even want something better in your breakfast?

Fara, Chattisgarh


A beautiful dish enriched with the taste of dry fruits, milk and sugar.

Pao Bhaji, Goa


Who will not prefer to have Pao Bhaji in breakfast? And if we talk about Goan Pav Bhaji, then just Bring it on!

Dhokla, Gujarat


Dhokla served with green chutney is one of the best things to start your day with.

Besan ki Masala Roti, Haryana 


A roti made of besan and spices…Can there be anything spicier than this? I don’t think so. ūüôā

Chole Bhature, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Having chole Bhature for breakfast will surely make anyone’s day amazing.

Kashmiri Bread, Jammu & Kashmir 


A combination of noon chai(or salt chai) and Kashmiri bread is something which is not worth missing.

Chilka Roti, Jharkhand 


Chilka Roti, litti Chokha are the signature food of Jharkhand.

Neer Dosa, Karnataka


The dish is prepared using overnight soaked rice. The rice gives a fluffy texture to the dish.

Puttu, Kerala


Puttu is a coconut dish which is enveloped in rice and is served with curry.

Poha and Jalebi, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

This dish describes the beauty of the state and the combination of sweet and salty nature of the people.

Misal Pav, Maharashtra


A pav served with misal curry. Isn’t it is one of the best options for the breakfast?

Tan & Changaang, Manipur 


Almost 80% population is chai Lover. What about flatbread served with a special type of chai, Changaang.

Dohjem, Meghalaya 


A dish of meat and rice can give a marvelous start to your day.

Rice with Chicken & Green Vegetables, Mizoram


A day started with a meal having a perfect balance of rice, chicken and vegetables.

Rice and Tathu, Nagaland


This dish is all about chutney, meat, rice and boiled vegetables.

Chakuli, Odisha 


This is a healthy as well as tasty Indian pancake.

Aloo De Paranthe, Punjab


Parantha with potato filling and butter melting on it…Oho, delicious. ūüėČ

Mirchi-vada, Rajasthan


The style of cooking this dish in Rajasthan is quite different which make it more delicious.

Momos, Sikkim


Momos is one of the most common and loved Chinese street food of India. This food is the signature breakfast of Sikkim.

Dosai, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

A special variety of Dosa served along with a different kind of chutneys.

Sarva Pindi, Telangana 


A savory dish of peanuts, spices and rice… I too want it for breakfast. ūüôĀ

Rice & Spicy Fish Curry, Tripura 


Cooked deliciously and served with rice, this spicy fish curry is the staple breakfast of Tripura.

Kachori & Aloo Ki Sabji, Uttar Pradesh 

Uttar Pradesh

Want to satisfy your taste buds? Eat stuffed kachori served with aloo ki Sabzi in your breakfast. Your taste buds will thank you for giving them such a great taste.

Gahat Ki Dal, Uttarakhand 


All the locals of Uttarakhand are in love with this dish. Just try it at least once in your lifetime.

Luchi & Aloor Dom, West Bengal 

West Bengal

The taste of this dish is unforgettable. Small and circular luchi served with Aloor Dam is something which you will be always ready to munch on.

How many of these have you tried?

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