Here are some of The Unknown Facts About ENGLISH


Everything in this words has lots of facts connected to it. No matter they are animals, trees, human beings, non-living things and even languages too. This article is written in a language which is preferred in almost every part of the world. But there are many facts about this language you are surely not aware of. Are you confident about your command on English? Do you know everything about this language? I bet, you don’t. Here we bring some of the unknown facts about English.

New Words


Every 98 minutes, a new word is added to the dictionary which sums up to 4,000 new words every year. Amazing…Right?



Tittle is the dot over the alphabets i and j.

Perfect Sentence


One of the perfect sentences in the English dictionary is “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. This is often used to check the keyboards.

Without Vowels


Vowels form a very important part of the English language. Do you know what is the biggest word without a vowel in English dictionary? It is Rhythm.



A pangram is a sentence which contains all the 26 alphabets. An example of Pangram is “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”


Shortest Sentence

I am

The shortest and also complete sentence is “I Am.” Just a matter of three letters.

Alphabetical Order

alphabetical order

“Aegilops” is the longest word in the English dictionary in which letters are arranged in an alphabetical order.



The word drunk has the maximum number of synonyms i.e, 2694. This word holds a Guinness World Record for having the maximum number of synonyms.



The English language is a language that holds a record for having the maximum number of words. The Oxford Dictionary Corpus has near about two billion words and we only know sixty thousand words from them.

The Oldest Word


“WHO” is the oldest word in the English dictionary. It is almost 20,000 years old. Ancient na?

The Orange Myth


Are you aware of any word which rhymes with orange? Yeah, we have a botanical word sporange which rhymes similar to orange.

The Extraordinary Book


Gadsby: A Lipogram Novel written by Ernest Vincent Wright has around 50,000 words and the amazing fact is none of the words has letter “e” in it.

Were you aware of all of these facts before? If you know any other fact about this language, do let us know in the comments section.

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