The Role of Window Lubrication in Fixing Squeaky Windows

The Role of Window Lubrication in Fixing Squeaky Windows -

Doors are not the only house elements producing squeaky noises, windows have a habit of becoming squeaky as well. This usually results from lack of maintenance, debris or broken parts.

As much as you take your windows for granted, the noise you hear every time you open and close them is going to force you to find a quick and efficient solution.

Every homeowner can try to apply the following steps in order to get rid of the annoying sound, hoping that it’ll finally cease down.

Take out the window

You should start by removing the window from its place as otherwise, you won’t be able to inspect its condition. The process of taking it out can be done easily if you just use a little force to lift the window up and then remove it from the frame. As soon as you finish, put it in a place where it won’t obstruct anything or anyone in your house in order to start fixing it.

Inspecting the wheels

One of the most common causes of squeaky window sounds is the wheels, which is why you have to check them first, prior to looking for other issues. If you notice that some of the wheels are broken or show signs of damage, then you have to remove the faulty ones, so that you later replace them with the new ones you purchase.

The only tool you need is a screwdriver whose type you’re going to select in accordance with the screws. Therefore, you need to check this beforehand, as you don’t want to end up holding the wrong type of screwdriver in your hands and run to the store to purchase the one you need in the last minute.

Once you have the right tool, the rest is just a simple procedure which won’t take much of your time or require any special effort. Visit this page for tips on how to use your screwdriver correctly.

Inspecting the wheels of the windows -











Getting new wheels

Once you removed the damaged rollers, the next step would be to visit the local hardware store in order to purchase new ones to replace them. Be attentive in the process of selection as not every size of rollers fits to every type of window. Your wheels are of a particular size, which you should know prior to heading to the store.

In case you can’t manage to remember the size or experience trouble in finding it, the most secure solution would be to take one of the old wheels with you to the hardware store and show it to the shop assistant. He/she will immediately know what type of a product you’re looking for.

Now that you’ve purchased new rollers, the only step left is to install them correctly, which shouldn’t pose any difficulty as you’ve already removed them. Actually, you’re required to repeat the process, but in the opposite way; instead of unscrewing them, you should screw them back.

Once you’re done, place the window back into its place to check whether the sliding is improved and the squeaky sounds are gone. If not, there’re some other procedures to be performed so as to discover the real cause of the problem.

Getting new wheels for the windows -

Take care of the window tracks

Dirty window tracks are the other most common cause for producing squeaky sounds. They collect a lot of dirt which might obstruct sliding, thus producing noise. Therefore, the wise thing to do is clean both the upper and the bottom track as you don’t know where exactly the sounds come from. Click on this link:, for some fast pro cleaning tips.

The most effective method of cleaning them would be by using a vacuum cleaner, after which you are supposed to use a cleaning spray and wipe them with cloth. It’s very important for the tracks to be completely dry before you continue with the rest of the procedure. You can either leave them to dry on their own which is going to take a while, or take another cloth and use it to dry them as much as you can in case you’re eager to finish the process.

Sometimes, dirt might not be the problem, as dried paint can have the same effect. In case you had an interior painting project recently, perhaps some drop of paint ended up on the window tracks without you noticing. Make sure you scrape the paint and try sliding the window after you’re done with the cleaning.

Use lubrication

The final step is using window lubricant in the form of a spray in order to cover both the upper and lower window track. The right method of applying the lubricant is by spraying the tracks along their length, covering every inch. Let them dry for a short period of time and then check the results.

There are lubricant sprays which are versatile in terms of the tracks’ material, which means you can use them regardless of whether they’re made of wood, rubber or aluminum. Try to find some of the Best Lubricants for Sliding Doors and Windows That Squeak.

In case even this step doesn’t prove to be functional, then you might be dealing with rust, which should be treated in a different way.


Applying these tips won’t take up much of your time, but is likely to guarantee success.

Don’t hesitate to give them a try!

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