Rani Mukherjee’s upcoming movie: Hichki will be releasing tomorrow.


“Everyone had faced a Hichki in their life. And there is no Hichki which can’t be cured.” This is something which is commonly heard in every promotional event of Rani Mukherjee’s upcoming movie Hichki. Rani Mukherjee has taken a break from film fraternity after her movie Mardaani(2014). Now she is entering the Bollywood industry with her film Hichki which will be releasing on 23rd March 2018. She will be playing a role of a teacher who is suffering from Tourette Syndrome. For more information, watch the official trailer of Hichki:

Now let us explore more about Hichki 🙂

The main theme of Hichki

This main plot of this movie is Tourette Syndrome. It will show the hardships which are faced by the people who are suffering from this syndrome. This movie will try to make parents, guardians and teachers aware of this physical impairment so that they can support the child suffering from this syndrome.

Comment on Education System?

On this question, Rani said that through this movie, the whole cast is trying to bring a change in the education system in terms of discrimination that students are facing nowadays. Along with this Rani said that the teacher does not have any rights to discriminate between a bright student and a weak student. The whole cast of Hichki has laid emphasis on changing the mentality of the people. We too wish and request people to stop discriminating people at any stage of his/her life.

Reasons that are enough to watch Hichki

  • Rani Mukherjee’s performance


Rani Mukherjee is back to the industry with her upcoming movie Hichki. In this movie, she will be seen battling with the Tourette Syndrome and some of the challenges faced by the people suffering from this syndrome. In this movie, she will be unable to speak even a single sentence in one go.

  • Attempt to make people aware of one of the physical impairment

    Physical impairement

The movie will be focusing on speech impairment known as Tourette Syndrome. With this movie, the whole cast is trying to make people understand that hiccups in life (whether it is speech defects or any other difficulty) is not permanent. A human being can overcome every situation with hard work and dedication.

  • The relationship between a student and a teacher


You must have seen many movies which portrayed the relationship between teacher and student. Some of such movies are Taree Zameen Par, Black, Iqbal, Chak De India and many more. Now, Hichki is also a movie which will show the relationship between teacher and students. But in this movie, you will be able to see the students bonding and accepting their teacher who is suffering from a speech impairment.

This movie will be helpful in making people aware of the Tourette Syndrome. Book your tickets and go for the first show tomorrow. And yeah share the biggest Hichki you have faced in your life with us in the comments section.






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