Chandigarh gets a single number for all Emergency Services

112 to become a single emergency number in Chandigarh

Following the pattern of USA, the city beautiful is all set to get a one spot emergency number. The UT Administration has started the process to launch a single number — 112 — for all sorts of emergency services. If you are seeking the helpline for police, ambulance, fire department, women helpline or disaster management, 112 is now the way to go.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a grant of Rs. 4.5 crore to UT administration for setting up of National Emergency Response Service- 112.  As per the sources, UT Adviser Parimal Rai held a high-level meeting of officers to discuss the issue on Thursday. Home Secretary Anurag Aggarwal, DGP Tejinder Singh Luthra, and senior officers of other departments were a part of the meeting.

Existing Emergency Numbers

With the introduction of a new integrated number, any person in distress will be able to avail all the facilities in one single call. It becomes very difficult for the public to remember different numbers for different emergency situations. At present, a person has to dial 100 for Police Helpline, 101 for Fire brigade, 102 for ambulance and 108 for emergency disaster management. The existing helpline numbers would continue to work along with 112 for almost a year and then they would be phased out gradually.

This is how 112 will work

The facility of 112 will work in the same way as the 911 facility works in the USA (United States).  A high-tech control room is proposed to be established at The UT Police Headquarters in Sector 9, Chandigarh. The all in one helpline number would ensure a well-coordinated response to those in distress. The administration is planning to start the service soon.

Confused about how the number would actually function? Well, let us make it simple for you to understand. When a person would dial 112, the call would automatically be directed to the concerned department. The system will track the location of the caller and the same will be shared with the nearest help center. It would also be linked to a panic button on the phone screen. Well trained persons who can speak Hindi, English and Punjabi will be debuted at the control room for attending the calls. This number would be accessible from all mobiles as well as landlines phones. 112 will work on phones even if outgoing call facility from your phone has been debarred or the service is temporarily suspended.The user can also communicate through an SMS on the same number.

UT Administration might begin the trial of this new helpline from September.



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