Chandigarh Cyclothon 2018: Have Fun Without Fuel

Chandigarh Cyclothon

Hello city folks! It’s time for you to show up your riding skills and contribute to a pollution-free Chandigarh. That’s right…With the motive to spread the word “conserve fuel & stay fit” here is another fun ride- Chandigarh’s Cyclothon 2018.

So, all the city cyclists pull up your socks and gear up your bikes and get ready to have a lot of fun.

Here are the categories-

For the MTB Gang- Race MTB

MTB Riders

The MTB race is for the 18 years plus MTB Bike riders. This race is your battle against time which stretches for 50 km. There will be certificates of participation for all those who complete the lap in stipulated time. Medals and Prize Money for the position holders. The Prize Money is as follows:

  • For the riders who bags the 1st Position- Rs. 25,000 (Male/Female)
  • For the riders who bags the 2nd Position- Rs. 15,000 (Male/Female)
  • For the riders who bags the 3rd Position- Rs. 10,000 (Male/Female)

For the Road Bikers- Race Hybrid/ Road

hybrid riders

The Hybrid Race is for the 18 years plus Hybrid/Road bikers. It is again a timed race which stretches for 50 Km. All you need is to complete the lap within the stipulated time. There are medals and cash prizes for the winner. The Prize Money is as follows:

  • For the Riders finishing 1st- Rs. 25,000 (Male/Female)
  • For the Riders finishing 2nd- Rs. 15,000 (Male/Female)
  • For the Riders finishing 3rd- Rs. 10,000 (Male/Female)

There will be certificates of participation for all the candidates who finish the race within the stipulated time.

For the Masti Bikers- Green Ride

Green Riders

The Green Ride invites participants from all walks of life. It is a non-timed ride that stretches for 7.5 km. 10 Lucky winners will win a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 each and there is a certificate of participation for all the riders who complete the lap.


For the Special Champions- DIVYANG RIDE

Divyang Ride

The ride is open to people with physical/ locomotors disorders, hearing impairment, intellectual impairment, orthopedic or other disorders. It is a non-timed ride that stretches for 5 km. Certificates and gift hampers of Rs. 1000 for all the participants of the race.

For the Clubbers Gang- Club Ride

club riders

Under this, different riding clubs are invited from across the country to ride for a cause. The clubs with maximum cyclists to the event will qualify to win the cash prizes. The Prize Money for this event is as follows:

  • First Prize- Rs. 25,000
  • Second Prize- Rs. 15,000
  • Third Prize- Rs. 10,000

For the 9-5’s Corporate Ride

Corporate Riders

The office buddies from the city are invited to ditch their 8-hour shift and burn some fat. There will be a Memento of Appreciation for the corporate house with maximum employee participants.

And there’s more to go…

Think this is enough, wait there is much more to it. The Cycling Marathon provides a platform for all of you to save some fuel and stick to your stay fit goal. You can expect-

  • Attractive goody bags containing event merchandise.
  • Healthy Refreshments
  • A live band for your entertainment with soulful Music.


So, be a part of this celebration and feel good. Click here to Register!




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