15 Beautifully Simple Tattoos For Every Music Lover Out There

Music tattoos

Music is magic. It expresses the deepest of feelings that our words simply fail to express. For, some Music is an art, for some a medicine and for people like me…..Music is their L.I.F.E. Yeah! So, here I have something amazing for all the music lovers out there. Guys, believe me, you can’t help resist getting these pieces of art carved on your body.

 #1. Just a simple note to shout out all the things that words fail to say.

Music tattoos

Looks cute na?

#2. Cheers to the shared feelings!

Music tattoos

Music is love, Music is life!

#3. And how about these minimal babies? Gorgeous!

Music tattoos

What a great placement of these signs. isn’t it?

#4. What a great way to tell the world that you anchor yourself in Music!

Music tattoos

Fallen for M.U.S.I.C.

#5. Music + A little colors = A bright, happy life

Music tattoos

Everything seems good with Music…

#6. The perfect wristband!

Music tattoos

Smiling wide

#7. For every soul that beats to the rhythm of Music

Music tattoos

Music is my world, my life.

#8. And then there is… ONE LOVE!

Music tattoos

Hey, this looks amazing!

#9. Intense, Music Wow!

Music tattoos


#10. The pretty note

Music tattoos

I loved it!

#11. Absolute beauty…

My favorite so far…

#12. Music Baes

Music tattoos

Cause a couple that sings together, stays together.

#13. Marvelous

*Weeps at the simplicity of this wonder*

#14. Any gramophone lovers here?

Is there any?

#15. Ending this great collection on a musical note…

Music tattoos

Let the Music play…


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