Whether it is Red or Purple, Each and Every Lip Shade Say Something About Your Personality


Beautiful ladies, what are some of the things you never forget to carry in your bag? Lipstick, moisturizer, sunscreen, comb, etc…Right? But lipstick is most important one…Huh? We girls spend a huge amount of time in selecting the perfect lipstick color. More difficult than choosing a tacky costume?… I totally agree with girls. Do you know the lipstick we apply somehow tell us about our personality? We bring you some general lip shades and the characteristics that are represented by these lip shades.

Just a Lip Balm

Lip Balm

The women who just use a lip balm are not in the mood to tolerate any kind of nonsense. Noone can mess with them. They are more practical towards their life.

Passionate Purple


Darker the shade, the more regal is the personality. The purple color of lip shade represents some sort of mystery and power inside a woman.

Captivating Coral


One of the best things about the women who use this lip shade is perfect maintenance between professional and personal life. These girls are lovers and create an aura around them which convince everyone to love them.

Optimistic Orange


This shade is for travelers. This color represents the love for traveling outdoor.

Winsome Wine Red

wine red

This color depicts the flirtatious nature of the lady. Dark lips are something that shows your confidence in a very sophisticated way. The ladies who are fond of this share love to listen to the music.

Mischevious Maroon


This shade depicts the straightforwardness, fearless nature and their intuitive nature.

Buoyant Baby Pink 

babs pink

The ladies who wear this shade are tender and highly ambitious. It represents sassiness and youthfulness in the women.

Hot Pink

hot pink

Women who are wearing this shade are believed to be bubbly and romantic. And Yeah! Energetic and outspoken too.

Ravishing Red


RED=Bold. This color makes you passionate and sexy. It also reflects the confidence you have and an inclination towards standing apart.

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