Here Is The New Whatsapp Update| Checkout The Amazing New Features Introduced


Whatsapp’s much-awaited feature is finally here. Yes, you read it right, the recall feature is finally here for the Whatsapp users after being in the rumor mill for nearly a year. Have you sent a message to someone by mistake or sent a message and regret sending it? Well, here is the solution. You can now recall your messages and delete it from someone else’s chat on WhatsApp. Amazing…. Isn’t it?? The Recall feature or The Delete for everyone feature will enable the users to delete the messages once sent.

It must be noted that this feature is time sensitive and available only up to 7 minutes after the message has been sent. This means that the messages once sent can only be deleted within 7 minutes. The feature won’t work for messages sent beyond the given time of 7 minutes. The users can recall multiple messages at once.

When are you getting it?

Since Whatsapp has over a billion users, it would not be initially possible to roll out the feature to all at once. So, it will happen gradually. This feature will start working on few devices earlier and few might get this feature a little later. Also, the feature will only work for you when both the sender and the receiver are using the latest version of Whatsapp. The recall feature will work for all text messages, images, videos, GIF’s, contacts, voice messages and status replies as well.

You will soon receive the update notification if your device is compatible for it. This feature will work on both desktops as well as mobile platform.

How the Whatsapp ‘Delete For Everyone’ Feature Works?

To delete a message which you have already sent you simply need to tap and long press the message that you want to delete. After that tap on the delete icon present on top of the screen. You will get three options there- Delete for everyone, Delete for me and cancel. The Delete for everyone options deletes the message from your screen as well as from the receiver’s screen. The Delete for Me option will delete the message from your screen only and the cancel option will simply close the pop-up screen.

Some other new features introduced in latest Whatsapp Update

Whatsapp developers have been trying to make WhatsApp better and better each day. They are adding up new features every time to make the public experience better. Whatsapp has introduced many new features in just a matter of weeks. Apart from the recall feature in WhatsApp, there were a few major features which have been added recently. The newly added features are listed below:

  • The new feature of location sharing was introduced recently which enables users to share there live location update with their loved ones.
  • The new functionality was recently added which allow users to make Group Video Call and Voice call.




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