WhatsApp Business Mobile App Soon To Launch In India| Checkout The Details Here


Rumors of WhatsApp soon to be launching its WhatsApp Business Account mobile app are doing the rounds on the Internet. As we all know, Whatsapp is the most used social platform that is used by people worldwide to communicate with their loved ones. The all so famous chatting app is now ready to test its hand in the business world as well.

If we see, many business organizations use WhatsApp as a tool of commerce and trade. So, to fulfill the need of the hour, WhatsApp is all ready to roll out its WhatsApp Business Account in India and other parts of the world very soon. A pilot project for the launch of this new business account has already been laid in India and many startups and e-commerce platforms have tied up with it.


The business account app by Whatsapp will come with a number of added functionalities and features. To know the complete details about the Whatsapp Business Account app keep reading below:


 Whatsapp Business Account to launch soon in India



India being a good platform for business and commerce attracts many international players making influx here. With Whatsapp announcing its WhatsApp Business Account, many distinguished startups and e-commerce companies are participating in the pilot project of WhatsApp Business Account in India.

As of now, nothing has been officially declared by the company and the upcoming business account will be launched off as an experiment first. The company will begin its full-fledged operations in India only if it receives a good response from the Indian market.



Whatsapp Business Account: Features

The WhatsApp company recently shared information about the WhatsApp Business Account through their FAQ section on the company’s website. According to the info, the Business Account of WhatsApp will have three different types of business accounts. Out of the 3 accounts, one will be verified account, a confirmed account and a Business Account.


The first account, i.e, the verified account, will have a green coloured checkmark badge on the profile section. The verified account can be verified by WhatsApp company itself. However, for the second type of account which is the confirmed account, the profile of the user will get a checkmark badge in grey color. For this type of account, the users will have to create the account with the same mobile number which they have attached with their business account. The last account, i.e, the business account will have a question mark badge in grey colour on the user’s profile. The procedure to create this account is very simple as this type of account will neither be confirmed by WhatsApp nor will require any verification by it. The Whatsapp Business Account App would also provide users tools to block the business account. Users can also report spam an account within the Whatsapp chat.








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