Vitamin D Tablets and Calcium Supplements do not strengthen your bones, says the new research…


Taking those Calcium supplements and Vitamin D tablets to strengthen up your bones? Well, then this piece of news is certainly for you. According to a new research, all these Vitamin D tabs and Calcium supplements in no way help your bones to grow stronger.

A research was recently conducted by examining 33 previous trials covering more than 51,000 people of age 50 or older. The researchers found no difference in fracture risk between the people taking the pills and those who do not consume any such pills. The older adults taking the Vitamin Supplements are as likely to break their bones as the ones who don’t use these supplements.

Many adults of age 70 or more are advised by the doctors to take these supplements for a better bone health. The daily required intake of Vitamin D for adults is 600 IU (International Units).


Best Sources to intake Vitamin D and Calcium

It is always advisable to consume more of calcium and Vitamin D through our diet. The dietary calcium is the initial and best source to provide the calcium to our body. The best way to to get Vitamin D is by spending time outside. Adults must focus on maintaining a healthy weight and do exercises to improve balance and coordination to lower the risk of falls and fractures.

We must improve our lifestyle, go out and get enough sunshine, exercise regularly and adjust our diets to get more of Vitamin D instead of taking these supplements.

Side Effects of the Vitamin D Supplements 

The daily recommended intake of Vitamin D for adults is 600 IU. Sometimes people consume more of Vitamin D than what is actually required. The intake of Vitamin D in a greater proportion than what is actually required by our body is harmful and dangerous for one’s health. If a person intakes daily Vitamin D dose of 1000 IU or higher, he is at a risk of certain side effects. The consumption of high dosage of Vitamin D is more harmful when combined with calcium. Research says that the high intake of Vitamin D along with calcium results in kidney stones, the risk of falls, fractures, certain cancers and premature deaths.






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