Umang- A Single Platform To Access All The Government Services| Know The Details Here


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a strong desire to digitalize India and we all are very much aware of it. Earlier our PM launched the popular app BHIM for digital payments in India and now another app named Umang has been launched by him to provide you government services at the touch of a button. Umang is designed to help the public to avail the government services all by themselves. The app would allow users to access 1200 different government services, once the rollout of the app is complete. The app can be installed virtually on any platform and is available to download for Android, iOS as well as windows phone.

Umang App: Details!

The Umang App provides you all the government services on a single platform, so you do not require to download various apps individually. Through the Umang App, you can apply for PAN Card, get information like what all services need to be linked to your Adhaar card. One can also get the information about the nearest Passport Seva Kendra, apply for a passport and book an appointment for the same. The App is very useful as you do not have to rush to various destinations, you can get all your work done by a few clicks.

The App provides a number of 12 categories of services for now. The various categories include Agriculture, Finance, Police, Education, Health etc. The amazing thing about the Umang App is that you can book a gas cylinder in as less as one minute of time span. The app provides an inbuilt option to book a gas cylinder.


How to get an access to the Umang app?

To get access to the Umang App you are required to register yourself to the app using your mobile phone number and your Adhaar card number. You can avail all the government services available on the app after linking up your Adhaar card to the app. One needs to the link the Adhaar card to the app as without that you cannot access the application. So, if you do not have an Adhaar card or somehow do not wish to link your Adhaar card to the app then this app is not for you.

The App is available to download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The interesting part of this app is that it will not require you to update it again and again and the new features and services will be added to your app even without updating the app.

So, what are you waiting for?? Go download it!












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