Traditions that make an Indian Wedding The most Beautiful Celebration in the World

Indian marriages

Indian weddings are all about emotions, events, festivals, dance, fun, etc. There are lots of traditions, rituals and functions that may vary from families to families. We have a conversation with many couples asking them about the event or rituals they are most excited about. Some girls said it is Choora ceremony, some are excited about the mehendi ceremony, some are excited about just being married, some wants a classy pre-wedding shoot, etc. Also, their friends and families are equally excited about the functions. While her friends are excited about dancing on Mehendi function, sisters are excited about Jooota Chupai rasam, parents are sad because of Vidaai. So today, we bring you some of the selected functions or ceremonies which makes an Indian marriage more special and beautiful.

The Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi ceremony

One of the most awaited ceremonies for the bride and her friends is the Mehendi Ceremony. It is about applying henna designs on feet and hands of the bride as well as her friends. This is the last night for the bride as single and her friends to dance, sing and enjoy.

The Choora Ceremony

chooda ceremony

Every Punjabi bride is excited about the Chooda ceremony in her marriage and her friends are equally excited about Kalire ceremony. The choora is a sign of prosperity and fertility and well-being of husband. This is one of the most important ceremonies of Punjabi weddings.

The Sehrabandi

An emotional moment between the bridegroom and his sisters. It is one of the most believed and important pre-wedding ceremonies in North Indian weddings. At the time of this ritual, the groom’s sisters tie a Sehra on his head after several pujas.

The Joota Chupai

Joota Chupai Ceremony

This is one of the most happening and best ceremonies to create a bonding between Jija and Sali. In this ceremony, sisters of bride hide groom’s shoes when he is busy with the marriage ceremony. The sisters want Shagun in return of the shoes. The Nok-Jhok between the groups of bride’s sisters and friends and groom side is somewhat what makes it more special and enjoyable. Remember Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s cute Nok Jhok from the movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun! 😉 😉

The Vidaai

Vidaii ceremony

This is one of the sad moments for the whole family. This is the time when the bride has to finally leave her family and is about to enter a new life and a new family. This moment is equally tough for parents and sibling of the bride.

The Kalash 

Kalash ceremony

This is somehow related to the entry of Goddess Laxmi to the house. In this ceremony, the bride is asked to kick the small Kalash and enter the house. This Kalash is filled with rice and brings prosperity and happiness to her new house and new life.

Post-wedding Games

Image result for images of post wedding games

These games are played by groom and bride on the very next day of the wedding. All these games have some specific reason and significance. Also, they work as a stress buster for the couple and also create a perfect bonding between the bride and her new family.

Tossing of the Bouquet

tossing of buequot

Christian marriages don’t have functions like mehendi, Haldi where the bride and her friends can connect together and have fun. But they have a ceremony of tossing the bouquet. It is special for both the bride as well as her friends. The friend who will catch it will be married next.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

old new, borrowed blue

This is a culture in every Christian wedding in which bride have to wear something blue, something borrowed, something old and something new. All these things are considered to be lucky and auspicious for the bride. The old thing signifies continuity, new things signifies optimism towards a new life, borrowed signifies happiness in the life of couple and blue signifies love, fidelity and purity in their relation.

We hope that these rituals and ceremonies will be followed forever with the same excitement and zeal. All these traditions are very important and are the essential part of the wedding.


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