This Is Why You Should Not Skip Your Breakfast!


Running late for college or office? Or feeling just too lazy to get up and gobble your food? We often have too many excuses for not having our Breakfast. But do you all know that this habit of skipping your breakfast is harming your body?¬†Don’t believe us? Read yourself!


If you miss the first meal of the day, chances are that you could develop type two Diabetes as skipping your breakfast may lead to chronic insulin resistance. Studies prove that people who skip their breakfast have higher blood sugar levels during lunch.


Weight Gain

The fact remains, when you skip your breakfast, your body lacks energy. You tend to eat more at once to fulfill your body requirements. As a result, you enter into the vicious circle of overeating and start putting on unnecessary weight on your body.


Heart Disease

Research proves that people who have their breakfast have a low risk of developing a heart disease than those who skip their breakfast. The habit of skipping your breakfast causes obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and all these problems gradually turn into a heart disease.


A migraine

The worst triggers for a migraine is skipping the breakfast. So, you must ensure to have your meal before stepping out of the house. Never miss your meals even if you are in a hurry.


Affects Mood and Cognitive Function


Well, this sounds a little odd, but skipping your breakfast does have a negative impact on your mood as well as your energy levels. Studies prove that people who often miss their morning meals have poor memory skills and high level of fatigue.


So, guys do have your breakfast to avoid all these issues!


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