This Independence, Future Cabs Is All Ready To Launch Women Cab Service In Tricity


Women security has always been a serious issue in India and in the recent years Chandigarh has made it to the headlines due to some serious threats posed to the safety of women. The city provides an unparalleled lifestyle to its citizens and has been one of the favorite destinations for professionals and students to move to.

On this Independence Day, rejoice in joy because the tricity is all set to get its first-ever all women cab service. Yes! you heard it right.  The new all-women cab service is the first of its kind in the region to have dedicated women drivers for women commuters.

The Future Cabs e-cab service would be launching in the market from this August 15 and to mark Independence Day, the start-up is going to offer free rides to women commuters on the launch day. So ladies! Get ready to party all-day and enjoy free travel to your favorite outlets.

Here is what Rajat Luthra, the Director of Operations of Future Fiacre Pvt Ltd, said:

“Future Cabs are the first company to provide e-cab services in the tri-city. The cab service will not only make the travel cheaper but will also be offering better earnings to drivers. Interestingly, through a referral programme, drivers will be able to create their own fleet of up to 50 cars.” Also, giving a special focus on women security, he added, “Our services will not just rely on technology but also provide comfortable travel to women passengers who will be driven only by women, which will further ensure extra security to them.”

lady cab driver

Women passengers would have a special option to book cabs with only women drivers. However, a special feature would allow them to pick up couples during daytime till 6 pm after which only women passengers would be allowed. This would not let their earnings to suffer.

The mobile app is programmed in such a manner that women drivers would not be able to receive requests from male passengers, which would depend on the profiles created by them at the time of registering with the app. Also, the women drivers will have the advantage to cancel any booking if they feel suspicious or figure out that a male member has booked the ‘only woman cab’. As an added feature, “Future cabs will also have SOS feature wherein panic situation by just click SOS button an emergency message will be flashed to the user or driver’s family and to our control room from where we can intimate about the situation to the police,” said Avinasah Sharma, director.

So, Chandigarh! Get ready to welcome the new cab player in the market which is all set to give a tough competition to the existing brands with cheaper per kilometer fares and 90% revenue to the drivers. Ladies! It’s time to celebrate as now you don’t need to spend your entire cab journey over a phone call to give live updates to your family and friends because Future Cab is right here to give you a wonderful cab experience.


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