This Amazing Thing Is Going To Change Your Life Totally


Ever wondered that the food you ordered come flying to you?? How nice would it be? Isn’t it?? Yes, we are talking about the new-gen technology and everything is possible here. Well, remember that incident where Dominos delivered a pizza to a couple’s backyard in Newzealand through the Drone Technology? What if we tell you that all that might now be happening in India too? Sounds amazing, right?? Yes pals, today we bring you an exciting news that the Government of India has presented a new draft policy for drones in the country. According to the draft policy, the drones that weigh less than 250 grams will be exempted from any rules and regulations.


New Draft Policy: Explained!

According to the new draft policy, the drones which will be offered for sale has to be classified into five different categories. The ones having a weight less than 250 grams and which do not have the ability to fly above 50 feet will not require any kind of permission from the government. The next category is the drones which cannot fly above 200 feet and weigh less than two kilograms. Such drones will require police permission in order to operate. And the third category is of those drones which weigh more than two kilograms. Generally, these type of drones will be used by the commercial organizations. These drones would require police permission as well as a unique registration number to operate. Not only this, these drones should also have a travel plan as suggested by the Aviation Ministry of India.

The rules mentioned in the new draft policy of drones will come into force from December 2017.


Moving a Step Ahead- Delivery through Drones

It so happened in NewZealand that a couple received the delivery of cheese pepperoni pizza by Dominos through a drone in their backyard and all the other e-commerce stores went crazy over it. The leading e-commerce store Amazon recently announced that it is working on this concept and developing a system through which your online orders will reach your doorsteps through drones. Amazing technology, right? We just can’t wait to watch our food coming flying to us.




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