Things That Girls With Guy Best Friends Have To Face Everyday


Are you a girl and have a guy as your best friend? If yes, then you can completely relate yourself to this post. You have to face a lot of weird things every day in case if you have a guy best friend. It is also possible for you to hear the things which are even unknown to you. 😉 These things can make you laugh sometimes but can also annoy you to the fullest. But, beyond everything, having a guy best friend is purely a blessing. Not because you will have a bodyguard with you but because of less drama and fewer fights. And Yeah! you will always have their support with you.

But when it comes to hanging out with a guy best friend, you must have heard some outrageous, funny and weird comments. Now we bring you some of the points that you can easily relate if you have a guy best friend. Now read with your crime partner and enjoy.

Assumptions about you guys dating

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“A guy and a girl can never be best friends”. This is a very common saying and also a belief. Everyone you meet will ask you whether or not you guys are dating. In fact, they are sure enough that you guys are hiding your relationship by saying “we are just best friends”.

Weird questions that come directly from parents

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Near about 80% parents will doubt your friendship with your best friend. They even try to extract information from your best friend. They will try everything so that they can get complete information about your friendship. They will keep an eye on you when you will hang out with your best friend at your own place.

Suggestions from aunties which are annoying


If by chance your parents and family is clear about your friendship then the neighborhood anties will keep annoying you by asking about your relationship or by taunting like “Beta ab to Shadi Kar lo, ladka to dundh hi Rakha hai tumne”

You will have bodyguard with you all the time

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Other people called them as your bodyguard. Yeah! this is also a fact that other people will treat him as your bodyguard because of his care and concern for you. Also, he will be seen with you almost everytime.

Dating gets tougher


In case you are having a guy best friend, dating will be very difficult for you. Your BFF will examine the boy and will tell you whether or not he is suitable for you. And believe me, it will be no in almost 90% cases. Guys will be afraid of proposing you because of your BFF. Even many guys will not approach you because they will assume that there is something between you guys.

You will have a hangout partner 24*7

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You will have a hangout partner with you always. No matter he wants to take a gift for his girlfriend, sister or mother or he just have to eat something, he will take you with him.

Jealous Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

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If by any chance, any guy would be able to pass the test taken by your best friend and became your boyfriend, then he will always be jealous of your best friend. And Yeah! this happens.

Responsible friend

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In some situations, he will be the only one who will understand you. This makes him the first person with whom you share your problems. No matter what is the time and situation, you will always find your best friend taking care of yours. With him, you can be completely irresponsible because he will take care of you.

You have to play cupid sometimes

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You have to become a messenger between your best friend and his girlfriend if in case they both had a fight. Yeah! it can be hard sometimes because maybe you can be the reason for that fight. You know…Jealousy 😉

You might envy the girls your buddy pays attention to

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Ohh, this means WAR. Yeah! If your best friend starts paying more attention to another girl then it’s WAR time. And if the girl is one whom you don’t like, then it’s WORLD WAR.

Annoying pals

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You think that only you have the rights to annoy your best friend. If any of your friends try to do so then you want to kill that friend for saying anything to your buddy. Right girls?

So Girls! We know that you can relate yourself to each and every point that is listed above. And that is the beauty of your friendship. Girls, no matter what people think of you, but never let your friend go away. No matter it is a girl or a boy, friends are always a blessing. And keep cherishing your moments with your buddy.


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