A Survey to Know What Women love The Most about Themselves


People always talk about the flaws or faults we women have. But they don’t dare to talk about the strengths we women are blessed with. Starting from leaving our homes, jobs, to the struggles we make because of all the stereotypes of the society, our kids, and a lot many other things we handle everything very well. We recently conducted a survey in which we talked with a number of women who shared their feelings with us. We asked them what they love the most and received different answers from them. Now let us share what women love about themselves…

Jasmine, 29



The things that Jasmine loves about herself is her style. She spends a lot of time on grooming herself to look smart and stylish.

Preety, 27



Preety have struggled a lot to maintain her body shape. Now she takes a proper diet and also workout to be fit and healthy. She loves her body shape.

Prachi, 32



Prachi loves her own opinions on many things and the way she can even laugh at totally dumb things. She wants to be free and to be hilarious at certain moments.

Vedhanshi, 25



25-year-old Vedhanshi is a fashion designer and an independent woman. She loves her independence and the way she appreciates and motivates herself towards a better life. Also, she is proud of being financially as well as emotionally independent.

Jennifer, 23



She is a girl who falls in love too easily. Her heart is delicate and she can’t help falling in love. The one things that she is proud of is the hope of finding a true love one day.

Athiya, 40


Athiya is very proud of herself for starting a new career as a chef after spending so many years on a job she doesn’t even wanted to be a part of.

Jiya, 20


Jiya is proud of the goofiness and craziness she has. She loves to make people around her happy and cherished. This is one of the things she loves about herself.

Monica, 30


Monica is a happy and proud mother. She loves the way she has brought up her baby. This was not an easy task for her but she feels proud of herself for doing it in a very beautiful way.

Rachel, 35


Rachel is a person who herself find reasons to laugh and be happy. She doesn’t even have any fear to laugh at herself. According to her, it is you who can find best reasons to stay happy.

Anushka, 32


The thing Anushka love about herself is her empathetic nature. She tries not to jump directly to the conclusion and she somewhere believes in understanding things at first and then coming down to an opinion.

Sandhya, 42


Sandhya is a teacher by profession and deals with many children from different backgrounds. The thing she loves the most about herself is her patience which she gained in the last few years.

Emma, 28


Emma loves the anxiety she has to learn new things in her life. Also, she loves the way she has accepted many things with time.

Share the thing that you love the most about yourself in the comment section. We will surely add it to the list.

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